The Shadows Fall © Excerpt

This is a little excerpt from the book I’m currently self-editing before it gets professionally done by a published friend of mine, Amanda Bradburn. I felt the book needed a little lighthearted brother-sister banter…


 “You know,” said Alec several hours later as they trudged over the hard-packed ground. The land was barren, as it was winter, but at least it wasn’t knee-deep in snow. “Why is it ‘hurry up’ and ‘slow down’?”

            Sienna rubbed her nose and gave him a funny look. “Huh?”

            “Yeah.” He sped up, his long-legged strides catching up with hers. “I mean, they can’t imply the direction, can they? That would be silly. Then everyone would fly up and crack their heads on the ceiling each time they were told to hurry up!”

            Sienna groaned. “It’s much too early for this, Alec…”

            He ignored her and continued with zeal. “And when they slowed down, would they sink into the dirt and get stuck? Or just drill a hole in the ground? But that wouldn’t work, because there would be holes all over, then.”

            She laughed, her breath fogging the air in front of her. “You’re crazy, you know that?”

            “Yeah. But, see, then to get around, people would have to hurry up to get out of holes, but then to come down, they’d have to just drill another hole, so they’d have to hurry up again, move forward, then slow down, then hurry up-”

            “Alec, you’re crazy!”

            “You said that already,” he pointed out. “But seriously, I’ve been thinking a lot about these things.”

            “Oh?” she looked at him with a mixture of caution and curiosity. “You mean there’s more?”

            “Oh, yeah,” he said enthusiastically. “For instance, when someone says ‘a penny for your thoughts,’ and you put your two cents in, what happens to the other penny?”

            Sienna’s jaw hung open. “Wha…?”

            “And what if there’s a guy with no arms, but he’s got a gun? Is he armed?”

            “You’re scaring me now.”

            “Can vegetarians eat animal crackers? If vegetarians eat vegetables, than what do humanitarians eat?”


            “No, wait, that’s not the best one. If a kid swears in sign language, does his mom make him wash his hands with soap?”


            “Just one more,” he interrupted. “If a guy with multiple personalities threatens suicide, is it considered a hostage situation?”

            Sienna buried her face in her hands. “Alec, You’re creeping me out.”

            “I am? Really?” A grin spread over his cold-reddened face and he punched the air.  “Sweet!”

            She rolled her eyes and groaned even though she felt like laughing. “You know, some people are dropped on their heads at birth. You were obviously thrown against a wall.”

            “Well, that shows how much you know,” he said. “I’m stuck here talking to somebody with an IQ lower than the temperature.”

            She turned to face him, her eyes sparkling but her mouth pulled in an exaggerated frown. “You know, every time you open your mouth, all I hear is ‘punchmepunchmepunchmepunchme!”

            Salebeth, noticing their conversation, walked up to them and smiled at Sienna. “Never argue with a fool,” he told her. “They will drag you down to their level.”

            Sienna’s giggles pealed into loud laughter while Alec stared at Salebeth, agape. “And here I thought you were the nice guy!” he said indignantly.

            “Usually,” Salebeth agreed, a smile warming his face in spite of the cold. “But I occasionally make exceptions.”

            Sienna’s laughter died back down to erratic giggles. “That was awesome,” she chuckled.

            “Hey, hey!” Alec protested. “You’re my sister! You’re supposed to be on my side!”

            “I am!” Sienna answered, tossing her hair. “But sometimes, a little lesson is good for the character.” She took several steps forward, then whirled around and caught Alec’s foot that had previously been aimed for her posterior. “Don’t you dare!”

            “Ow, ow, ow,” he said, hopping on his free leg. “Leggo!”

            She dropped his foot and impulsively hugged him from the side. “You’re a great brother, you know that?”

            “Yeah.” He grinned back at her. “I really do.”


7 thoughts on “The Shadows Fall © Excerpt

  1. love this!!!!!! So to life!!! Except me and my little bro “debate” I can’t think why people tell us to stop arguing!

    ” “And what if there’s a guy with no arms, but he’s got a gun? Is he armed?”
    “You’re scaring me now.” ”
    That is an interesting thought.

  2. Oh! I love that!! Alec is so imaginative/crazy/funny! I think I have to bookmark this just for the hilarious jokes! Thanks for posting it 🙂

    Also, I loved the confessions of a bookaholic . . . I do most of those, too . . . 😀

    Loving the blog, Mirriam! Keep it up!

    D. S. Dahnim

  3. Mirriam, it’s been a while since I’ve commented, bit I must now just to say that you had me laughing so hard. That bit was amazing right there, it really was. I’m no sure I’ve ever laughed so hard while reading before…seriously!


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