Confessions of a Bookaholic, or, for Anyone Who Wants to Understand One

Yes… I’m sorry to say (well, not really) …they’re all true. Mostly, anyway. 😉

I felt like posting this; my Dad bought me a new bookshelf which I instantly filled up with the various books I’d had laying around (yes, it was a full size) and tomorrow I’m making another jaunt to the used book store… life is good ♥ Thank you, Lord, for good books! For the smell of the pages, the wonderful characters, the settins, the vividry. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Author of the One Sacred Book!

Yes. I can even become deaf to music (though I’d rather read WITHOUT it…)

Sad but true.

Yep! I’d love to be a ‘book doctor’ like Moe Fulchart!

I do this =D

I have 4; two half-sized, two full-sized. All full. =D


If I like the series, that is =D

Exactly *snif* Though I don’t read them, I feel sorry for all those Pottermania folks whose ‘era’ is ending. It must be heartwrenching!

Weeellll, not quite. I DO enjoy it, though. I like to have all the authors grouped, and all the ‘types’ in the same group as the author… if possible, of course.

Pretty much, yes. Of course, this happens all year round. =D

YES! *snif* Warmn’fuzzyfeeling…


Dreaming whilst wide awake!!

Yup. No book-burners here! (Unless it’s Twilight. In which case, I have a box of matches handy).

So many choices! And then there’s never one when I need it…

Ocassionally I have this sensation.

Well, I’m not won QUITE that easily. But it’s definitely an excellent start. 😉

I do this all the time =D

Very hard.

Yes. I admit.

*sigh* Another trap I fall into…

If it’s an emotional book, then yes indeedie. If it’s just ‘meh’ then not really.

Yes!! I love new books, but old books have been previously loved and it’s all stored up in the pages. Of course then there’s new books, waiting for their own love 🙂


“Remember now, not a scratch!” *ten minuts later* “I don’t know, I just have the strangest feeling I’m never gonna see her again…” ~ Han Solo

Yes! Partially why I’m so excited my chances look good.

Definitely happens.

If the people’s bookshelves are full of blah books (grrr) or NO books (heartbreaking) or things OTHER THAN BOOKS (sacrilige!!!) then, I’m sorry to say, my opinion probably won’t be very high first off. I may like them later, though.

But of course, that would take too long…


*siiiiiiiiigh* The sad truth…

AUGH! I can’t STAND it!

EXACTLY. I AM ANTI NOOK/KINDLE/E-READER (unless it’s for vacations).

Exactly. EXACTLY. *hugs quote*

Takes one to know one.

Yes! I love heartfelt notes… though I feel kind of sad if they were written only a few years ago. Somebody threw the book out much too soon.

Though I’m usually told to “HOLD ONTO THE RAILING!!”

*sigh* Exactly.

OH, they tick me off!!

Yes. I’m definitely a re-reader. I don’t understand people who buy books and then get rid of them after one reading.


Yeah!! ^_^

Um, yes. Very yes. Sometimes I reread a book just for that character because I miss them. (See how powerful the written word is, people? Let’s not abuse it by writing trash!!)

…You should see me watching Eragon. Though I don’t read Eragon anymore and I DO enjoy the movie. Long story. But still. (Solembum? Hello? Uh, what’s up with the Urgals, people? And the Ra’zac are killed WAY too quickly…)

Hah, well, I still depend on my parents to drive me places, but if possible, I ask to be left at a book store. =)

YES! =)

Yes… plus, it’s a great conversation-starter!

Uh-huh. I do that when reading catalogues, too. I squint and turn the pages around trying to see what the titles are. XD

Yes 😦 Though it’s usually only with male characters. I don’t know why. I think it’s because my spiritual ‘gift’ is mercy. I empathize very deeply with feelings of discomfort or humiliation. Sometimes I feel like Deanna Troi 🙂


*ahem* Well, ‘KILL’ might be a bit overdoing it. Not much, but overdoing it.


“Cuz I’m readin a BOOK man, I’m readin’ a BOOK! Don’t you EVAH interrupt me while I’m readin’ a’ BOOK!”

Yes. I do.

Well, DUH!! I actually usually have my ‘back-up’ book and the book I’m currently reading.

…what do you MEAN, I need to get out more???


27 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bookaholic, or, for Anyone Who Wants to Understand One

  1. I read every single one of them..and really agreed with 97% of them. I couldn’t identify with the used books, or the bookstore bit. Never really did either, sadly. A few bookstores, not many. I don’t have any local besides a goodwill, and that seems to be limited to only junk fiction. 😦

  2. Haha! I feel SO MUCH BETTER now that I know I’m NOT ALOOONE! *maniacal laughter*

    Have you ever read Airborn by K. Oppel? I finished it some weeks ago and I’m still “aww”ing at the last line.

    • Ohmy. I just read that the other day. I’m still “aww”ing at the last line too!

      I’m sad though cause my library doesn’t have Skybreaker. *pouts* I guess I have to go buy it…

      • Skybreaker is really awesome too! Except Kate and Matt spend a good portion of the book feeling jealous for each other, which gets annoying after a bit, especially when it continues in the last in the series, Starclimber. I rated Airborn 5, Skybreaker 4, and Starclimber 3.5 🙂

    • Airborn is AWESOME. I was *squee-ing* throughout the entire thing. I’m really excited that they’re planning on making it into a movie; I can’t wait!
      I also love most of Skybreaker, though it’s a bit spookier. O.o I listened to the Full Cast audio of Skybreaker, and it’s really amazing. I stayed up past midnight with that one… Couldn’t. Stop. Listening!

  3. I concur.

    I went to the library yesterday and must of had a brain malfunction because I went TEN MINUTES before closing. I think I had my days of the week messed up or something because I never do that. I ended up sprinting out with four books, and not the ones I really wanted, those were an after thought. *pouts* I must have been grimacing because the librarian asked me if I was okay…

    In Christ,
    Emily Ann

    P.S. I’m headed back today for my full list of books *happy dance*.

  4. Bwahaha! Yes – the one where a character gets embarrassed, etc – ABSOLUTELY ME! When you had a couple of scenes with Vick in your story, and he did something awkward, I had to sit back, try not to burst out laughing, take in a deep breath, blush with him, and go back to reading.
    I LOVE those moments!!!! AAAAAHHH!!!! *faint* ^.^

  5. It IS heartwrenching…..but not as much so as when the last book came out. *sigh* movies are never as good. And how sad is it to find a great new author (guensey literary, for example) and then find out it was their one and only book?!?
    P.S. Just got 6 new (to me) Helen MacInnes at a library book sale this weekend. It’s a sickness, really. I love it.

  6. pretty much 99.9 % of these describe me. Its wonderful to know there are other normal people like me out there. ” Though I’m usually told to “HOLD ONTO THE RAILING!!” ” would that be because of your accident down the stairs?

    • Actually… yes. It would. XD Now everybody’s stair-paranoid, and all I have to do is hold up my arm to bring it all back. (Not that I mind. I can’t even see the scars because of the angle they’re at!! =)

  7. Where did you find these, Mirri???

    They are ALL ME!!!

    (I threw Inkspell across the room too! Ah!)

    I also have to close a book if something embarrassing is happening to a character. I thought that I was the only one!

    Can I use this on my blog?

    Love ya!

  8. LOL… those were all brilliant AND you quoted Julian Smith! Love it… and I have to ask, can I post these on my blog? 🙂

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