A new face for Salebeth

For a while now I’ve been looking for the ONE. No, not a husband. A model for my character Salebeth. Nobody had that perfect balance between masculine and delicate, that ‘older-but-young’ look.

And then, we watched I Am Number Four.

And it struck me.

Timothy Oliphont.

He was PERFECT. So, to celebrate, I sketched a picture of Salebeth, modelled after the aformentioned actor.

Here’s the before picture…

And the finished (as finished as a sketch can get, anyway) product…


7 thoughts on “A new face for Salebeth

  1. That looks wondrous-good! I first imagined Salebeth (how I love him) differently, but now that I see this picture it does fit him well! Great job on the sketch, too!

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