The Technicolor Phase

I am the red in the rose, the flowers on the blankets on your bedroom floor, and I am the gray in the ghost that hides with your clothes behind your closet door/I am the green in the grass that bends back from underneath your feet, and I am the blue in the back-alley view where the horizon and the rooftops meet…

Just a little Owl City song I thought was appropriate for this post. Lately I’ve been trying to experiment more with COLOR in my drawings, which is something practically alien to me. I’m a black-and-white kinda girl (not personality-wise, just drawing-wise) and color has always rather intimidated me. However, several people lately have mentioned that I should do more color – after all, I won’t ever get better at it if I don’t practice, right?

My friend (and Port Yonder Press staff artist) Holly Heisey sent me a box with a spectrum of pastel pencils in it in nearly every shade imaginable. I experimented with them the other day –

Now that I knew how the pastel pencils worked,  I felt a bit more confident. (They blend like butter!)

So I sketched a picture last night and colored it this morning before I even came out of my room. It’s Linden, the faerie from “Wayfarer” by R. J. Andersen, without her wings, strolling on a branch of the Great Oak. The color process took around an hour (whew) but for a first full-blown effort, I’m quite pleased with it.

Face Detail:

Well? What do you think? Am I getting better?

(And for those of you biting your nails and perching on the edges of your seats in anticipation of knowledge of how my Independance Day went – it was fun! And delicious, and I’mg going to have to compensate for all the chips I ate… plus I had 3 cups of tea thanks to an allergy-sparked sore throat. I used to have 3-5 – large – cups a day, but I realized that the reason I wasn’t losing weight was because I was drinking almost 1,000 calories in Agave-sweetened, half-and-half-‘ed tea a DAY! So I’m down to one cup every other day).

 Praise ye the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul! ~ Psalm 146: 1


6 thoughts on “The Technicolor Phase

  1. Those look great! I LOVE THE COLORRRR!
    Exactly- you’ll get better with practice, and that’s probably guaranteed! And as you get better, you’ll enjoy it more. It just takes a little work to get to the point where you understand them and enjoy them, but TRULY, those look really good! I LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS!
    AND YOU!

  2. Valentine wants to know when he’ll be colorized.
    I know! You could sketch me a gag and I could fit it around his smug head!

    I do love the colors! You’ve got a fantastic start.

    I know when I started using pastels I went to the Walters Art Museum here, and Mom made me copy the old masters. She pointed out that there are strange colors you’d never expect to find in the skin tones, like greens and blues and purples for shadows. It was eye-opening for me. I highly recommend visiting an art museum that allows people to sketch and paint the masterpieces there, it is really an amazing (and classical) and usually free way to learn the craft.

    The Walters is also how we did our ‘anatomy classes’ in art. We gridded the statue area and then marked on our paper where we were in relation to the statue we were sketching, and then had at it.

    Statues are amazing models because 1) they’re free and 2) they don’t move! The grid was important because we were there more than one day and wanted to come back and stand in the same spot to continue the work.

    I didn’t want to draw NEKKID people, so I drew their hands and feet and then got permission to go down to the arms and armor room and I drew horse armor for the rest of the home schooling ‘art on the move’ program. I had SO much fun. And I admit it was kinda cool to hear people whispering and murmuring about “She’s drawing the armor” as they filed past.

  3. Hahah! PRETTY! You are SO good at your drawings, sis – I wish I were better! 😛
    I can’t really draw a good picture of a person unless I’m looking at them.

    By the way, did you get my letter? I’d like to keep writing, if that’s OK with you – I loooove writing letters!

    Hugs, and good work on the drawings!

    – Hannah

    P.S. You’ll have to make an exception for the tea when you come up here; Nathan is our master sweet tea maker – you MUST try it, or you’ll insult his intelligence. ^.^
    The other day at our Fourth of July party, he made four gallons of it, and on the pitcher, he labeled: “Nate’s Sweet Tea… copyrighted” – he’s so cute! I WUV my bro!!!! *sniff* =D

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