America the Beautiful

As I sit in my cool, air-conditioned house, typing at my computer with my iPod in my ears, it’s hard to imagine that two hundred and thirty-five years ago, an impossible war was waged for freedom. My freedom. Men and boys fought, suffered, bled, and died so that I could be able to sit here writing this post. So that I could wake up in the morning in a free country. So that I could live under a government system with justice and Christianity as the ruling factors.

And we’re giving it away.

We’ve become so complacent that our ears no longer ring with the screams of men dying in agony on a blood-soaked battlefield, holding on to memories of those they love as their lives slip from their grasp.

We no longer regard the Revolutionary War as anything but a chapter in a history book. Words on a page. Terms like ”George Washington,’ ‘Lafayette,’ ‘Cornwallis,’ ‘Valley Forge,’ or ‘Inalienable rights’ are only words on a page, or maybe words spoken that we don’t understand.

Don’t forget your heritage. Don’t forget who fought for our freedom. Don’t forget God. Don’t forget –




3 thoughts on “America the Beautiful

  1. Beautiful post my Myfanwy! Worth fighting for, wouldn’t you say! And mostly worth praying diligently for! I love you, Naneth

  2. “I tremble for my country when I remember that God is just; and his justice cannot sleep forever.” – (somewhat paraphrased) Thomas Jefferson

  3. Oooh! Good post, Sis!
    It’s so true… people died so that I could live free and have the amazing time I did lastnight…

    And by the way, I love your colored drawings!!!!!!!!

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