30 Favorite Fictional Characters

I got this from Jasmine Baucham’s blog, and it looked like WAY too much fun to pass by!

Without thinking about it too much, list 30  fictional characters that
  • you really liked, or
  • identified with, or
  • who you think influenced you, or
  • who you simply will not forget!

  1. Eric/The Phantom: Come on, the guy’s a genius, misunderstood (with good reason, though) and has a great sense of humor on top of everything.
  2. Emily of New Moon: L. M. Montgomery really knew how to write female characters that writers would relate to. I happen to relate very much to Emily – over-imaginative with romantic tendencies, would love to have more adventure but feels a bit… ‘squashed’ in that area (after all, it’s kind of hard to have adventures in Suburban America. And I’m coming from my point of view, not hers. Hello? She had practically all of Prince Edward Islane to roam, right?)
  3.  Marak: The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy’s humorous, pitiless, and courteous goblin king is definitely one of my all-time favorite characters.
  4. Cassandra Mortmain: Dodie Smith’s book, ‘I Capture the Castle,” has one of the most endearing heroines ever written. Precocious, witty, and full of life, you can’t help but like her.
  5. Dustfinger: Wow. I LOVE this character. He goes from being a weak, scheming (though still awesomely fire-handling) coward into a heroic, self-sacrificing hero.
  6. Beleg Cuthalion: Here’s one elf who will stop at nothing to find and save his human friend and reclaim their friendship. Torture and ill treatment won’t even cause him to be disloyal, and in the end, after saving Turin’s life… Turin kills him unwittingly. A tragic, tragic end for such a wonderful character. 
  7. Gwindor: Aww, another Silmarillion elf. He rushed into battle in blind fury after seeing his brother dismembered by the enemy, but was himself captured and forced into slavery. Still he remains a loyal, steadfast friend to Turin, loving a girl he knows he can never have.
  8. Maedhros: Yeah, yet another Silmarillion character (the last one, I promise!) A valiant (red-haired!) elf who endured the torture of being hung by one wrist off the face of a cliff for weeks on end, only to have his only way of escape be to cut off his hand. And yet he became renowned as a fearsome swordsman – with his LEFT hand!
  9. Quince: The fearful little porcupine from “Hamlet Flies a Kite” has got to be one of the most adorable little guys ever. Ever-trying to warn Hamlet away from daring schemes, but always waiting with comfort and hot chocolate at the end of them.
  10. Murtagh Morzansson: Ah, what is it with me and dark, tortured, antiheroes? He came from an abusive father with a mother who abandoned him, was raised by evil men, and finally ran for his freedom. But, after fighting valiantly alongside Eragon, he is captured AGAIN by the very people he ran from, given tons of power and forced to be a dark Dragon Rider battling his former friends!! I, for one, believe he WILL come back!!
  11. Sherlock Holmes: A dry sense of humor and a simply fantastic mind, you don’t get much better than Mr. Holmes himself.
  12. The Fantom: An unforgettable Steampunk villain in the habit of dismembering unsuspecting passers-by – but it isn’t his fault! He was created for that very purpose, and does it with awful accuracy, waiting for his ‘one partner’ – Eve. He’s not exactly a likeable character, but he’s definitely unforgettable.
  13. Edmund Pevensie: He goes from being a horrible brat to a valiant warrior (and he’s so awesome in the movies, too!) A great ‘sinner-to-saved’ example.
  14. Cinna: I know, I know. A makeup artist from the Hunger Games? But he risks everything – and ends up losing his life – for the sake of freedom and the cause of the Mockingjay.
  15. Jared: Incarceron’s kind, gentle, patient teacher – who ends up becoming the saviour the people had all been waiting for.


  1. Thimbletack: The Spiderwick Chronicles’ friendly household boggart is SO cute!
  2. Pepper Potts: Gwyneth Paltrow plays Iron Man’s do-all assistant to perfection. She’s brave, smart, and has that unique gift of being both polite and rude at the same time. (“I do anything and everything that Mr. Stark requires, including occasionally taking out the trash.)
  3. Thor: Stunning looks and physique aside, Thor’s character is absolutely adorable, once he gets over himself. He’s got the perfect mixture of naive (marching into a pet shop and demanding a horse) and warrior (after all, he took out highly trained security guards like a bunch of minimum-wage mall cops!)
  4. Robin: The antihero-turned-hero from The Secret of Moonacre is so awesome – he’s got one of the best costumes I’ve ever seen, he’s snarky but willing to help, and he knows the woods like the back of his hand.
  5. Sam: Johnny Depp played the very strange, absolutely adorable character from Benny & Joon to perfection. He irons grilled-cheese sandwiches, wants to be Buster Keaton, and knows how to make life fun.
  6. Anakin Skywalker: Probably the most famous character in the Star Wars saga, he goes from an adorable little boy to a Padawan who for the LIFE of him WON’T LISTEN TO HIS MASTER (urgh) to a good man trying to fight off the forces of evil coming at him from all sides. He succumbs to the Dark Side at the expense of everything else… but gives his life for his son in the end ( and finds his way through the Unwandered Paths back to… um… Ghostdom! Or whatever you call that shimmery, semitransparent existence he, Yoda and Obi-wan inhabit).
  7. Edward Scissorhands: Johnny Depp seems to have an affinity for portraying characters who seem frightening or strange but have a childlike innocence about them. Edward Scissorhands is exactly this character.
  8. Captain Kirk: I personally think Chris Pine did a better job than William Shatner (though I’m not dissing Shatner’s portrayal – I do love the originals). And he’s got great lines.
  9. Captain Jack Sparrow: He’s filthy and immoral, hilarious and both the best and worst pirate in the history of piracy. And he’s yet again played by Johnny Depp.  
  10. Magadorian Commander: I Am Number Four’s main villain is just… hard to describe. It’s hard to make the mental switch from Kevin Durand’s portrayal of the adorable Little John (2010 Robin Hood) to the evil alien, but he manages to do it! And he gets SO into his part, I sat there with my mouth open.
  11. The Silver Surfer: I’m honestly not sure why he’s one of my favorite characters; he just is.
  12. The Beast: No, not the X-men one (though I’m pretty sure I’d like him, too) but the Disney one. I love it when people learn their lessons – and he’s so awesome as the beast!! (I’m not saying ANYTHING about the ‘prince’ he turns into, Raphaelite beauty or no).
  13. Flynn Rider: Tangled. He’s a hilarious thief with hysterical facial expressions who ends up making the ultimate sacrifice for the one he loves – and living happily ever after. (“I’ve got dreams like you, no really! Just much less touchy-feely!”)
  14. Harry Osborne: Spider-man. In the first movie, he’s just a best friend with a rich dad trying to get by without being jealous of his Dad’s attention toward his best friend. In the second he’s a total jerk, and in the third he’s struggling between good and evil. Awesome.
  15. Obi-wan Kenobi: He fights for what’s right, and is absolutely a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. to boot. He does the hardest thing because he has to, even if he hates the thought of it. He tries to be a good Master, has a dry sense of humor, and incalculable loyalty.

NOTE: This was not NEARLY all of my favorite characters. I’ve got SCORES of them (J. M. Barrie from ‘Finding Neverland,’ Snake Eyes from ‘G. I. Joe: Rise of Cobra’, etc.) But this was a sampling, and I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to take this tag and do your own! Tell me when you do; I’d love to see it!


6 thoughts on “30 Favorite Fictional Characters

  1. “A dry sense of humor and a simply fantastic mind, you don’t get much better than Mr. Holmes himself.”

    Warms the cockles of my heart… ❤ And now you've made me kinda want to read The Silmarillion, intimidating though it is. : ) Might have to take this tag, too…it's a great one!

  2. This tag looks like fun… I might just have to do it on my blog. Could TV characters be included in the film category, I wonder?

    Flynn Rider! YEAH! I just saw Tangled last night (for the fourth time!)
    And Obi-Wan is one of my top favorite Star Wars characters, especially after I read the Jedi Apprentice books when I was kid. 😀 He’s awesome, through and through!

    If Christopher Paolini doesn’t turn Murtagh around in the last book, I will send him much hate mail. And he CAN’T kill him off!! *bites nails* I hate it when my favorite characters die in the end.

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