Star Wars Comics

I ran across these and had to share them with you! Click for  full view.

And my personal favorite…

And for all you Potter People out there- you know I don’t agree with Harry Potter, no matter how great the characters/story/plotline/etc. are, but I DO know about Severus Snape thanks to a friend of mine, and this comic literally made me laugh out loud.


7 thoughts on “Star Wars Comics

  1. Bwhahaha! Those are so funny! “Lukey, don’t act like your dad or I’ll cut off your legs and set you on fire.” Nice. Very nice.

    Severus’ thing for Lily was very creepy… much like Vader’s for Padme… but at least he married the girl. Poor Snape, he was such a tortured soul. No one liked him very much.

    In Christ,
    Emily Ann

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