♪ My favorite music ♫

  I’ve only known about her for a short time, but I love her. Particularly her song ‘Trouble is a Friend’ though I like all the ones I’ve heard of her so far.

  Another recently discovered treasure!

 I love Owl City. Yes, you all know this. But I do. How could you not??

 ‘Lions’ and ‘Saviour: Adam Young’ remix are my favorite… probably…

 Blackmore’s Night is one of my favorite groups. Their interesting mix of electric guitar and medieval stringed instruments is very cool, not to mention their songs are just so… minstrelly!

And here are a few more favorite artists for you…

Hayley Westenra

Josh Groban

Michael Buble

Tangled soundtrack

How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack

‘Kiss me’ by Sixpence None the Richer

‘Put you in a Song’ by Keith Urban

The soundtrack to the British LOTR Musical is lovely.

The Peter Pan soundtrack by James Newton-Howard (He’s probably my favorite musical composer)

The Sherlock Holmes soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. You want funky, steampunk-ish music? This is it.

Celtic Woman

‘Smooth Criminal’ by David Garrett

Enaid and Einalem (gorgeous, GORGEOUS celtic-y music!)

Enya (My favorite of her songs is ‘My! My! Time flies!’ but I love pretty much all of it)

I ♥   Why is a movie in here? You might ask. Because it’s one of my favorite and I feel I must share it with you (and hey, the soundtrack is awesome, so it all evens out). Cheesy at times, epic at others, this is one of my favorite movies ever!  The costumes are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G., the music is beautiful, and Robin is one of my favorite characters of all time.


17 thoughts on “♪ My favorite music ♫

  1. I love the Secret of Moonacre!!!!! I like many artits. My favourites are Demi Lovato, Avril Lavaigne. And well, pop. And all kinds of music. I should probably check out Michael Buble as I have yet to find a guy singer who I like. And Beethoven. I love Beethoven.

  2. I love Lenka! (The Show is a fave)
    I also like Near to You by A Fine Frenzy. I heard both for the first time on my KT Tunstall station on Pandora Radio. KT is one of my new faves, along with Adele.
    Deer in the Headlights is sooooo cute! I love that new one by Owl City.
    Almost any soundrack is amazing! I especially like the ones for LOTR (houses of healing with Liv Tyler and the theme for Rohan in particular)
    I guess we have a similar taste in music!

    • Ah, Houses of Healing! I LOVE that song!! You’re right, those are amazing. And ‘The Passing of the E lves’ as well!

  3. Most movies I like also have great music (including How to Train Your Dragon, LotR, etc.). I like some Enya music, too. As well as:

    Loreena McKennitt.

    The Chieftains.

    Sirens’ Song (They’re ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!).

    Oh, and a CD named “The Starlit Jewel”, which has beautiful musical settings to 13 poems from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

    Lots of other things I can’t think of right now, too–mostly Celtic. 🙂

    Anyway, nice list, Mirriam!

    D. S. Dahnim

    • Oooh; those are GREAT choices!!! I”m going to have to look at that Jewels CD! (Loreena McKennit is great, and I agree with you on the others as well!)

  4. Lots of music I like here…you’re making me happy, girl! 🙂 I should probably try listening to the rest as well. I heard Kiss Me recently on Pandora and it bounced around in my head for a bit…and my brother thinks Hans Zimmer is the only movie composer whose work is worth anything. 🙂

  5. Great list! I’m always looking for “writing music” so I’m going to check out some of the albums you mentioned. Of these the only one I’ve listened to is the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack, which accompanies writing quite nicely. 🙂

    You’re the only other person I know who has watched The Secrets of Moonacre. I saw it on Redbox, and when I checked it out I was surprised to learn the inspiration came from an early work of Christian fantasy. So I watched (and enjoyed) the movie, then I bought the book that inspired it (The Little White Horse). Have you read it?

    • I’m always looking for writing music, too! I LOVE the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack; My favorite songs are ‘Welcome to Burk’ and ‘Romantic Flight.’ Sometimes I put ‘Romantic Flight’ on ‘repeat’ in my CD player and listen to it over and over again. 🙂
      I know! Not many people have seen the Secret of Moonacre!! My sister and I love it – Robin is a favorite character of mine. The costumes, music, cinematography – it’s all fantastic! One week when we were sick we watched it FIVE times, and I made fanvids for it (I enjoy making fanvids). I bought the book recently at a used/antique booksale, but haven’t read mcuh of it yet; it’s definitely on my to-read list! I was surprised at how different it was from the movie!

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