Wait, so if she – no, hang on, she DOESN’T want me to – wait…

I say, Mirriam,
Letting your fellow females comment on this post has resulted in a good bit of confusion on my part; “pull out chairs for us”, “no, don’t pull out chairs for us”; “open doors for us”, “don’t open doors for us”; “say something nice”, “don’t say something nice” (although I don’t think I usually compliment girls I don’t know…); “include us in your conversation”, “don’t talk to me if I don’t know you” (although how would I get to know you then?)

I am now fairly puzzled as to what kind of actions would be appreciated from a “gentleman”; as for pulling out a chair for a girl, I don’t think I’ve done it before, but with it or other things such as opening a door, asking, ” Would you like me to…[insert action here]?” seems rather odd to me…

– The confused one

I say, Maxamillian, old boy –

No wonder it’s getting confusing for you! Apparently, many girls have differing opinions on what makes a Gentleman. Some don’t want you to get their chair, some don’t like compliments (???) and some don’t want you to talk to them. Here’s my suggestion – if you see a girl who needs help, there are 2 things you can do. 1 – if you know the girl well, hop up and help. Talk to her. Compliment her. Do the gentlemanly thing. 2. If you DON’T know the girl, then things like opening the door if she has an armload, holding it open if she’s right behind you, etc. are nice. However, complimenting a random stranger would be weird. So, use common sense when being a Gentleman.


3 thoughts on “Wait, so if she – no, hang on, she DOESN’T want me to – wait…

  1. Why thank you, milady.

    Did you forget how to spell my name? Perhaps I should spell your name with only one “r” in return. 😉

    Obviously, complimenting a random stranger would be odd; I don’t think I’m in the habit of doing that.

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