Totally Uncool

I’m not the coolest person in the world. *sits back and waits for shocked stares* No, really, I’m not. In fact, I fall into the categories of ‘Geek,’ ‘Nerd,’ ‘Dork,’ and sometimes ‘Jerkette.’ (Which, for all of you who don’t know my vocabulary and/or haven’t seen the Princesss Diaries, is a female Jerk). I laugh at the wrong times, stick my foot in my mouth more often than is normal, and I even get zits!

When shopping I sometimes mortify myself by liking a piece of clothing that looks more appropo for something in a 80’s closet than a 17-year-old girl’s. (This is ALWAYS embarrassing, especially the looks I receive from my sister when I hold up said article and go ‘Hey! What about this?’) That sort of thing DEFINITELY makes me feel very ‘uncool.’

I can also rattle off geek-talk at a mile a minute. (I’m sure it isn’t all that high-tech-sounding for a REAL geek – say, somebody who works in the Pentagon – but to an average computer-savvy person, it sounds pretty nerdy). And while this may not be ‘cool’ it sure makes me feel very… smart. *wink*

I sometimes take stupid pictures of myself just because, and, as long as I don’t look fat in them, I don’t mind showing them to you.

But you know what? I look at ‘cool’ people, and usually, they don’t look happy.

They don’t look content.

They don’t even look like they’re having fun.

I may not be skinny, but I’m not struggling with a disorder like anorexia.

I may not have a makeup artist, but I can still like my face.

I may not have a $10,000 wardrobe, but I have clothes to wear.

I have braces, hair that likes to frizz, and glasses – but I don’t mind.

I may not be a celebrity – but I have God.

I may not be totally cool – but I’m completely happy.


30 thoughts on “Totally Uncool

  1. …what on earth prompted that one??? 0.–
    It sounds to me like you were having a slightly bad day. I’ve had those. I’ll be like, “Ooooh! I’m so fat! I hate the way I like! I don’t like my hair!” etc etc ETC. 😛
    FYI – (which you already know) – You ARE cool in the RIGHT way. Like everyone else has said – you’re pretty and amazing to be around. Yes, you are…


    p.s. LOVE the photos – especially the first one!

  2. *phish*? Not cool? Not cool?!?! Someone who carries worlds around in her head and the King of Glory around in her heart?! That is the *scribe definition* of cool. Someone who can pull of the eclectic Gypsy/faerie/fool/princess look is greatly to be admired too (and you are such a person)

    Remember this though when the darkness claws itself up and that hissing voice whispers “If they only knew the real you. . .if they could see into your thoughts. . .if they knew the real you. .. if they saw your clumsiness, the pimples on your skin that look like boils, or the number on the scale. ..” its not the King talking. Usually when that starts with me, I cry for a bit and then grit and go “JESUS HE IS BOTHERING ME AGAIN, MAKE HIM LEAVE ME ALONE”

    I love tattling on that dark little hissing voice. It works too. 😉

  3. I am Nameless…you can’t know who I am.
    Nameless is Nameless. I have no name.

    Though I am interested to see exactly who you might think I am…
    So…tell me…who am I???

    • Indeed, nameless IS nameless, but you sound quite a bit like a certain best friend of mine. A thousand pardons if I’m wrong. =)

  4. Nameless is Nameless because there’s no Name – which means I’m Nameless.
    I’m Nameless because no one cares – I’m Nameless because I walk alone. I’m Nameless because I have no Name.
    And even if you did accidentally give someone the title of your best friend, I’m sure they’d be insulted.

    I am Nameless. I am alone. I shall become an assassin. I am Nameless.

    – Nameless

    • Well, “Nameless”, broadcasting the fact that you’re going to become an assassin on the Internet might not be the safest thing to do, as Mirriam’s blog is monitored by the NSA, FBI, CIA, and a dozen other government agencies, and some of them have doubtless tracked the location of your IP address by now.
      Hiding under a cloak of anonymity no longer holds the appeal it used to for me, so I could be called “Named” rather than “Nameless”, O unknown one who shalt not be named.

  5. Hm.
    Seeing as I just saw the infamous Maximillian, I’m no longer Nameless…
    Just…. Not – So – Nameless
    Yes – I shall be arrested and maybe then you all will miss me. After I’m tortured and starved. Then you won’t recognize me, and wish that the annoying self of me were back.

    Yes…you would…

    And to Maximillian – my horse says he wouldn’t talk if he were you….

  6. Heehee! You guys are funny!
    Yeah, it’s meeeeeee. The insane dramatic person. Yes, ’tis me.

    Naw, I was just playing with words, Max. My Max is a Max, and you’re a Max, so… it’s fun to mix it all up. 😛 ^.^

    I’m glad I’ve got you guys as friends! =D

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