What’s in a name?

I love names. In fact, I was almost named Myfonwy; a Welsh name meaning ‘fine; rare one’. Most people wouldn’t like being stuck with that name – I would have loved it, but I was named the slightly more regular name Mirriam, which I also love. It means both bitter AND happy, as well as ‘mistress of the sea’ (which I find very beautiful).

I love thinking about different names for my future children, and I have discovered that girl’s names are easier to come up with than boy’s names. While some of my names are outlandish, I still adore them, and I thought I’d share them with you. And who knows; they might help you with naming book characters!


Thalion (Strong in Sindarin elvish – yes, yes. Elvish).

Locien (Dragon – Sindarin elvish. Again. Hey, it’s COOL!)


Garrett Elwyn (Strength of the Spear, friend of Elves)

Gabriel (God is my might)

Galvin (Sorrow. Not the most uplifting name, but it’s still cool).

Shane (God is gracious)

Maethor (Sindarin – warrior)

Valor (self-explanatory)

Lee (Clearing, meadow)

Collin (Dove. He might get teased for that. It’s more of a middle name. And those of you who are thinking “Mr. Collins” – NOT the same thing!!)

Ian (God is forgiving)

Hayden (Fire)

Ewan (From the yew tree)

Ioan (God is gracious)

Warren (Guard)

Sean (God is gracious – wow, there are so many names that mean that!!)

Rian – pronounced ree-an (Little King)

Mara (bitter)

Cirran (I can’t find the name meaning for this one)


Lorien (forest, Sindarin elvish)

Sienna Mîr (Jewel – Sindarin)

Raen (I made it up. Means ‘rain’ but spelled differently =)

Rhonwen/Rowen/an/ena (Rowan tree)

Myfonwy (rare one)

Ëarwen (So I know this one is a bit more unusual =D But hey, keep the legacy going, right? ‘Mistress of the Sea’  – Sindarin elvish)

Arie Fallon (‘from Hadria’ – not the most exciting name, but pretty, and ‘Leader’)

Niphredil (snowdrop – Sindarin)

Alena Caladwen – (Light, Sindarin elvish)

Faelwyn (Justice – Sindarin)

Linnadhiel/pronounced Linathiel (singer – Sindarin)

Ariel (Lioness of God)

Arawen (Sindarin – noble)

Miriel (Jewel – Sindarin)

Luna Wynne (Moon friend)

Gwen Scarlett (‘white, fair, blessed’)

Aranel Jade (Princess in Quenya elvish)

Mae Tharanel (Warrior princess – Sindarin)

Alassiel (Joy – Sindarin)

Eleniel (Star – Sindarin)

Tahlia (Dew of God, female lamb)

Vera (Faith) Tinu (Star – Sindarin)

Marien/an/enne (bitter, happy)

Selah (‘pause and reflect’)

These are somewhat outlandish, I know. But I like ‘different’ names with meaningful etymology. And while I’d probably never saddle my kids with half of these, I still like them and might ‘modify’ them for my children.

I hope you enjoyed this =) I’m curious as to what names YOU like! Tell me about them in a comment!

~ Ëarwen


13 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I have a little sister called Myffwyn!!!!! Interesting names Earwen, they sound very Celtic, which are usually the most cool sounding names I think.
    I love Celtic names the best.

  2. NAMES! 😀 Well, as to my favorites…

    Boys: Merritt, Elias, Emmett, Marston (Yeah, I have a thing for M names and E names.) Everett is a cool name too…and Caedmon…Niles, Adair, Ander, etc. 😉

    Girls…well, I don’t have any on my list yet. ^_^ There are plenty of names I “like,” but none that have really caught my eye.

    • Adair?!? Sweet! I’ve never heard it used as a first name only a last name. =) Did you know it means “happy spear” in Old English and was derived from the word “eager”?

      In Christ,
      Emily Ann
      (you can probably guess my last name…)

  3. Good names, Mirriam! Agreed–I like Thalion, too. =) I like Elvish names; I’ve even put together a few myself, like Celebithil (silver-moon), Gwathdagnir (shadow-bane), etc. My favorite non-elvish names are probably Duncan, Eric, Irene, and Eleanor–probably why some of my favorite characters in my books are named those! Also Ryan, Adrian, Bridget, Cormack, Brian, Neil, Donavin, Fiona, Malcolm–Yeah, lots of Celtic ones . . . If it’s a Celtic or Elvish name, I probably like it =)

    Great post, as always. Thanks!

    D. S. Dahnim

  4. Just how many little Elvish freaks do you plan on having?? I love the names Seleia Vaughn, Elora Kay, Amarra Noel and, of course, Dashiell Monroe. If I ever have another boy he is in serious danger of being named Atticus.

  5. Names are very important. Watch how Leia names her children and you’ll see how her focus and heart turn from looking to Jakob for love to looking to Yahweh. I love my name which is an inverted praise. Literally it means “Who is like Yahweh?” a question. The answer is “There is NONE like Yahweh.” A rather complicated meaning, but I have loved it all my life.

  6. Oh, Hayden! I LOVE that name! It’s the name of one of my characters, ‘cept I spell it “Hadyn.” 🙂 I also have a character named Ciaran, which is similar to Cirran. For boys I also like Tristan, Will (haha original no? :D), and Finn. And Gwendolyn and Olivia for girls. 🙂

    Ditto the first sentence of this post–I love names! 😀 (Then again, I’m not sure what writer wouldn’t…xD)

  7. So my favorite names? Let me see….

    Boys: Kendale, Matthew, Grey (Greyson), Jack, William, Ryan, Sean, Cade, Luke, Kieran, ect.

    Girls: Aslin, Maren, Dara, Kyrian, Robyn, Gwyn, Kale, Samantha, ect.

    In Christ,
    Emily Ann

  8. Those are really great names! =D I love them all!!!
    would you happen to know the elvish name for Morning Star? I heard it somewhere, then forgot it, and now I’m going crazy trying to figure it out lol

    • “Aur” is Sindarin morning, and there are a lot of words for star –
      1.) gîl (noun)
      2.) giliath (noun) collective plural of gîl
      3.) êl (noun) plural: elin….mostly used in poetry (archaic)
      4.) elenath (noun) collective plural of êl
      5.) elril (noun) literally…. bright star(s)
      6.) tinu (noun) literally…. a small star

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