Happy Birthday to meeeee…

Seriously, I had a wonderful birthday. Though technically yesterday was NOT my birthday. April 26th was. But we celebrated it – presents, dinner, and cake that was actually brownies and mint-chocolate-chip ice cream-yesterday, on Friday.

Mom, me, and my sister Riah drove to Serenbe, a beautiful little planned community about a half-hour away, and spent four hours there. We had lunch at the Blue-eyed Daisy, a restauraunt/cafe that is absolutely adorable. We had coconut macaroons (scrumptious), coffee (yummy) and Izzes (fizzy!) After that we went and shopped around the little stores crowding the street; one called “Bloom! a shop of unruly things” was expensive, but so cute! And I LOVED the ‘unruly things’.

Then we went into another fantastic store called “The Bilt House,” full of delightful and creative things, including a reading chair/ottoman that I want for my room very much. We went into a wine-and-chocolate shop where the man gave me a caramel-pecan praline that was very good – and didn’t stick in my braces! *aahhh, bliss* and Mom bought me a toffee-chocolate bar from Chocolate XOXOXO, my favorite chocolate brand.

Next we hit a store full of cool recycled things, and Mom bought me a little grouping of beautiful feathers. I think I’ll glue them to a headband, they’re so pretty.

We drove home and prepared dinner – homemade pizza curtosy of Mom (so good), brownies (curtosy of Riah, delish) and peppermint-chocolate-chip ice cream (curtosy of Publix!)

I had a treasure hunt, which is a family tradition where Dad writes clues that rhyme on strips of paper and leads me through the house… down the stairs… outside… back up the stairs… back down the stairs… back up the stairs… and finally to the ‘treasure’ at the end. This time it was blank CD’s and cases, woohoo! More music for my room and the car!

I got a plethora of wonderful presents, which I shall list here.

1. A CD player (including iPod/mp3 jack!! WOOHOO!) Mine had died and I had to listen to my headphones all the time.

2. “Joyfully at Home” by Jasmine Baucham. I had been wanting this since BEFORE it came out; I’m on the second chapter and love it!

3. “The Family Daughter” by Sarah Bryant and a subscription to King’s Blooming Rose magazine. I had been subscribed to this a few years back and really loved it. I’m glad to start up again!

4. Arrows for my bow!

5. A $25 Amazon.com gift card from my aunt – I bought 3 art books with it!!

6. “The Great Escape” from my sister. One of my favorite movies – “No taxation without representation!”

7. A Tolkein Beastiary by David Day. WOOHOO!

8. A collection of ♥Beatrix Potter♥ stories!!

9. A beautiful floral mirror for my vanity (or… desk-turned-vanity)

10. A drawing from my nephew of a dog! He’s quite talented!

11. How to Train Your Dragon from my friend Awel Prince, along with the Tangled soundtrack, the How To Train your Dragon soundtrack, the Widow’s Might soundtrack, and a compliation of music from Capu Productions!

12. Owl City’s newest CD coming out in June from my friend Ithilwen!!

13. A gorgeous pewter feather ring from my sister Melanie, her husband Joel, and my nephews and nieces!

14. A plethora of Star Trek/Tolkien Books from my friend Marlayne Giron!!

I know I have a few packages on the way to me from friends (they’ve told me, haha) I’ll tell you what they are when I get them!

I love my family and friends, and I had a supercalifradulisticexpialidocious day! Thank you ALL!!!




16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to meeeee…

  1. Don’t you absoloutely LOVE that when you say that word you know that your very own Grandpa came up with it – and tho the world doesn’t know it has a meaning (more than beautiful!) YOU DO! I love you! Nanaeth

  2. That’s AWESOME! Sounds like a wonderful-never-to-be-forgotten kind of birthday 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    Aaaaaaaaand Violet and I got the letters! At last minute last night after getting home from church, I said, “Wait- did the mail come today?” Mom was already down at the mail box. Violet and I both yelled “YAY!” when she called out our names – and we opened the letters INSTANTLY! I’m pretty sure Violet’s already done replying to Riah- she already loves her, by the way ;P

  3. Hey! You get to list mine after I seeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuu!!!!! ^.^ *faint* You’re gonna looooooooovvvvvvvve them!!!!

  4. I am suchhhh a bad commenter and reader! This is long past your birthday, but better late than never I suppose: so, happy belated birthday!!! It sounds like it was wonderful and you got some pretty sweet presents 🙂 And I’ll try to do better with the commenting thing. 🙂
    –Caroline (we’re friends on fb :D)

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