It’s Friday, Friday…

(I hate that song, by the way).

Wow, what a great response from you all on my first chapter! It was fantsatic! Thank you so much for critique! Apparently the big thing I must watch out for is NOT going “!?” at the end of a sentence. I shall restrain myself.

I have several pieces of artwork to buckle down on at the moment – one is for a super-duper friend named Hannah (confederate soldier, eighteen years old. This is harder than it sounds) and one for another great friend of her awesome character Valentine. I’m calling the picture “Be My Valentine” because I love him so much. I have a piece of artwork for Aletheia magazine (I am looking forward to the summer issue! – oh, and Monica, this is a great place to send short stories to!) and then another one I’m drawing as a prize for my writing group’s short story contest winner.

I need to rewrite a Grimm/Hans fairy tale… I have so many ideas, but am having difficulty deciding one. Any suggestions?

Oh, and exciting news – *drumroll* – I broke 75,000 words and 200 pages in my book this morning. *waits until applause dies down* Thank you, thank you.

The other day we went to a nearby park – it was warm (spring!) and I had my sketchbook and notepad. It was fun to do some writing outside, though I’d rather be amidst lush grass and flowers. With a flowing brook. Preferrably a cold one to spash my feet in.

But alas, we have no such place, so I had to settle for scraggly Georgia grass and dirt. (Not quite as romantic, but beggars can’t be choosers).

My sister snapped this photo of me, and I thought it was too cool for words. I’m going to have to make it my header or something.

Well, I must bid you all farewell for the moment –

art calls.

Oh, and chores.

I should probably do chores first.




5 thoughts on “It’s Friday, Friday…

  1. REWRITE OF A FAIRY TALE! Oh yes oh yes oh yes! I, personally, really want to rewrite the White Snake.
    I LOVE that picture of you! It’s FANTASTIC!

  2. =D Hey! I LOVE that photo! It looks like something out of a magazine! =D =D =D
    …btw, he’s SEVENTEEN – not eighteen. ^.^ >.< ^.^

    I LOOOOVE YOUUUUU! (((((hugs)))))

  3. Yay about your story! Are you going to post any more of it on the blog? :-)And Thanks for the link! I hope I can turn something in.

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