Driving Backwards

This is much for the benefit of my friend Han, but I thought you might all enjoy this. It makes me laugh every single time I watch it – my sister and I go back and forth quoting it out. Good times!

(For those of you who don’t know, this is a scene from the old 1968 horror movie “The Blob.” Great cheesy fun).


7 thoughts on “Driving Backwards

  1. Aw you’re NUTS! Steve McQueen…:P
    Okay, okay – you have your opinion, I’ll have mine. XD
    How old is he in this, anyway??? ^.^

    Love ya!

  2. He’s twenty-eight, thankyouverymuch.
    This is a couple years before the Great Escape. =D
    (And even if you DON’T like him, you have to admit this is a funny scene!)

  3. 28!? …he looks like he’s about 35. 😛
    Hmmm…it’s oookaaaay…but not really funny. ^.^
    (I love disagreeing with you on stuff like this…*grin*)
    MUWHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! Okay…’nough said. XD

    Love you! Btw, are you still ALIVE?! You haven’t answered any of my e-mails…*taps foot on floor and crosses arms* ^.^

    Talk to you “tonight”!!! >.<

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