Character Models

Don’t you just love doing this? Picking a person who fits your character’s description and dreaming about how wonderful it would be if your book was made into a movie and this person played them… *dreamy sigh* Pardon me while I go contact a producer.

Anyway, since I love it so much, I decided I’d post my own character’s models!

Jennifer Lawrence as Sienna Hunter

Sienna is a selfish, headstrong 17-year-old girl from modern Manhattan. When she is thrust into the frightening ‘fantasy’ world of Elmeria, she realizes that her priorities and attitude have to change – or somebody is going to get hurt.

Hunter Perrish as Alec Hunter

Alec is Sienna’s younger brother, a 15-year-old boy with a cheerfully annoying attitude and an excitement for life. Upon entering Elmeria he realizes that he is going to have to find the one thing he doesn’t have – maturity.

Adam Gregory as Eristor

Eristor sees himself as a bitter contrast – a prince without a kingdom, beauty marred by scars, a kind and tender heart smothered by spite and hatred for life. But when Sienna begins to rethink her attitude, he realizes that she isn’t the only one who needs to.

Dianna Agron as Raeta

Can’t tell you anything about her – it’s a secret! (A really BIG secret!)

Paul Walker as Tylir

Tylir is the only human Eristor tolerates, and often provides a good dose of good-natured rebuke and common sense for his cold-hearted friend.

Hayley Westenra as Sahäla

Sahäla is beauty and sweetness in itself. She possesses knowledge of herbs and healing, and is a valued and loved member of the group.

Michael Trevino as Kael/Thane

Kael and Thane are identical twins; usually cheerful, sometimes moody, but excellent trackers and unparalelled with a sling. They have more in store for them than they know.

Ryan Reynolds as Salebeth

Salebeth is gentle, wise, and has a dry sense of humor. He is a lore-master as well as a historian and linguist. He takes Sienna and Alec under his wing.

Liam Neeson as Caranthir

Caranthir is the good-turned-evil stepfather of Eristor. Somewhat Darth Vader-ish.

Warwick Davis as Treefist (with BROWN hair/beard and ‘younger’-looking makeup)

Treefist is a dwarf-like Nome – not a gnome, a Nome – who seems to have a never-ending amount of pessimism. He is, however, stoutly loyal and kind underneath his gruffness.

James Purefoy as Alden Cade

Alden Cade was once a respected leader in Oscariath’s army – until one flaw took away everything he had, including his sanity. He now lives in the moutains with his Monster – but her story is another, as well.

John Malkovich as Eilam

Eilam is a prophet – or so everybody thinks – who is usually viewed as crazy, though he says nothing but the truth. He has an uncanny ability to ‘see into’ people.

Allan Hyde as Prince Oscariath

Prince Oscariath rebelled against King Amar and was thrown out, along with his followers. He is evil incarnated, and will stop at nothing to destroy the world that Amar has created.

Enya as Arie

Arie is the ‘Galadriel’ of Florenhaven – her part is not large, but she is elegant and wise.

Ben Barnes as Marcus Gale

Marcus Gale is an aristocrat-turned-pirate, forced away from his family for a crime he did not commit. He is fun-loving and enjoys a good brawl.

Patrick Dempsey as Talad

Talad is Arie’s husband and the leader of Florenhaven.

Taylor Swift as Princess Lilith

Princess Lilith is the girl whom Sienna envies (though she does not show up until the last book). She has perfect manners, perfect looks – and would make a perfect match for Eristor.

Robert Downey Jr. as Lord Sardis

Sardis is Caranthir’s rival for Oscariath’s regard. He is, quite bluntly, a slimeball who’s only redeeming quality is his love for his daughter, Zuleika.

Megan Fox as Lady Zuleika

Zuleika is beautiful, vain, and immoral – definitely not the type you want your children to hang out with. She has potential to be a great ally for Amar due to her position as Sardis’s daughter, but convincing her is going to be anything but easy.

What do you think? An all-star cast, no? And pretty much complete – I’ll update it if I find another, of course. You never know when a new character will appear out of nowhere!


36 thoughts on “Character Models

  1. These are all different since the last time you told me…Wow, Ben Barnes, Taylor Swift, Liam Neeson, Patrick Dempsey…You’ve got yourself a big-name cast. 😉

    Who’ve I got? Liam Neeson, Richard Armitage, Bradley James, Lucy Griffiths, Romola Garai, Alfie Boe, Christopher Egan, Jeremy Irons, Edward Speelers, and Jonathan Crombie so far. So I can’t say I’m much less ambitious…;)But just remember, I claimed Liam Neeson first!

    • I know, I went on a spree looking for people and was SO happy with how they turned out!! *cheers*
      They’re all *perfect* – I nearly yelped when I saw Alec. I glanced at the picture and thought “Oh my GOODNESS! It’s ALEC!”

  2. I don’t remember all your characters (nor am I familiar with all these actors), but I think some of these are good fits, or at least ones I like, such as Hayley as Sahäla. 😀 I suppose her character has a pretty singing voice as well as a pretty face?
    And of course Enya makes sense…Elves and the Celts are supposed to be connected, right?

  3. Great post! I love seeing how authors picture their characters. 🙂 I’ve got Keira Knightley, Lucy Griffiths, Matthew Macfadyen, Elijah Wood, Ioan Gruffudd on a couple of my dream casts. Well, I can dream!

  4. Granted, the “Hayley as celebrity crush” stage was a long time ago (relatively speaking…)

    Did I miss the inclusion of “Dianna Agron as Raeta” the first time or did you just add her to this list?

  5. A REALLY big secret!!!! *snicker*
    Okay, the guy Oscariath – you should use the emperor from Gladiator as him! I think his name is Jauquin Pheonix. THERE! He’d be perfect! The good bad dude, right? 🙂

    Love ya! (and btw, I got the package today! THANKS!)

    • HAH, NOOOO! I’ve seen Juaquin Phoenix in other things… he’s NOT Oscariath XD Oscariath is young, has creepy eyes, and looks ‘beautiful’ but really creepy. ^.^ Oh, good!

  6. You made Aslan EVIL!?! 🙂 LOL! 😀

    Sienna, Alec, Eristor, Tylir etc are PERFECT!! 😀 Enya?! Squee!! ;D

    Oh GOOD you didn’t take Adam Young… *I* claim him for my book. After all, I *DO* have an Owl City there, it’s only fair 😉 He could play… Harry! 😀

    Anyways. You chose good picks! 😀 I think Sahala was the only one slightly different from what I imagine, but that’s okay, cuz I could live with it! 😀 I’d get used to her. I LOVE your pick for Sienna, Eristor, Tylir etc!! 😀

    Oh, and *I’m* going to use Patrick Stewart for Erlian, Richard what’s his face for someone else, and then the dude who plays Cornel Brandon in the Sense and Sensibility that has Emma Watson. Whoever *HE* is is awesome… Such an AWESOME deep voice! 😀 Though I gotta pick a dude for him to play 🙂 Someone *COOL* 🙂

    And of COURSE Hiccup for Frodo 🙂

    I’d rather draw my kids than pick modles for them. I can’t ever pick models or find the right ones… 😥

  7. oh yeah, that’s right… the big secret… you *didn’t* just go do what I THINK you did to Raeta, did you? She *ISN’T* like… well.. ya know… that thing? That Sienna was asking someone about… Alden? Cuz it HAS to be *SOMEONE* enchanted… *eyes get big* is THAT who Raeta is married to?! Or marries?! OH my goodness! And Eristor’s been looking for his sister and she’s right THERE!!! 😀 Okay, maybe that’s not it 🙂

  8. Suggestion: Basil Rathbone instead pf Joaquin Phoenix as Oscariath? Oh, wait – he’s dead. I did meet a kid named Joaquin before (and he has the same birthday as mine, albeit ten or so years after)…but I digress.
    If Oscariath is a really bad guy, you need someone who looks really sinister, and I’m not sure Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus (that was the Emerperor’s name, right?) was very evil-looking.

  9. Basil Rathbone was also the villain in all those Errol Flynn movies, remember?

    Oops, I typed “Emerperor’s”. 😀

    When he was telling me his name, the kid named Joaquin said, “You know, ‘walking'” and used two fingers on his other palm to represent “walking”. 🙂 I just thought that was rather amusing.

    • I know! My mom finally informed me that it was pronounced ‘walkin’ after years of me thinking it was “Jo-wah-kwin.” =D
      True, Basil Rathbone makes a good bad guy… (MADE a good bad guy) but he also made an excellent Sherlock.
      And either way he could never play Oscariath (barring the fact he’s dead).

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