the Love test

I made this earlier, inspired by Shannon Primiciero’s book, “Being a Girl Who Loves.” (I’ve been having trouble with that lately, and it’s been good for me so far).

Anyway, her idea was – insert your name every time it says ‘love’ in these verses.

Do you pass? Or do you utterly fail?

I utterly fail, in case you were wondering.

But I hope that, in time, I might grow enough in the Lord that I can at least say honestly that  I DO love as Jesus does.


11 thoughts on “the Love test

  1. Hello Mirriam! This was an excellent thought! It really puts things into perspective. …AH! I really need help!! HAHA! Yay, for Jesus! I’m so glad i can just–ask him.
    miss you, girly!

  2. I had Shannon as my writing mentor a couple years ago and she’s wonderful!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed her books, and loving people is something that I too struggle with.
    I have written the same thing, inserting my name in the place of “love” and its something that I look back at to remind me…and I utterly fail!

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