In Memoriam

Today, I am in mourning.

For whom, you ask?

For Johnny Storm, brother of Susan Storm, brother-in-law to Reed Richards, and friend to Ben Grimm.

Alas, the evil group known as MARVEL COMICS has murdered the Human Torch.

No longer will he fight with along side Ben Grimm, no longer will his good-natured charm linger, for he has passed on. For half a century, he has fought for good, given and taken ribbing and teasing, and even put his life on the line for his friends.

Farewell, maliciously murdered Johnny Storm – your memory will forever live on in our hearts. I hope he died nobly, for what other end could he have deserved so much? So now, on this dark day for me and for us all, we say good-bye to the Fantastic Four, for without Johnny, there is none. They cannot be called the Dynamic Duo, for three still remain; lost and broken without the fiery glue that held them together.

Rest in peace, Johnny.

You shall be avenged.

FLAME ON! (Or off… whatever… I’m going to go cry now. Again.)


10 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Ok – lest we forget – THT was ALSO self-agrandizing, obnoxious, money-hungry and had no morals to speak of – aside from the whole adrenaline rush thing he probably would have never done much besides drink beer and drive fast cars and chase faster women…… but, of course we will miss him… However, how about The Techno Trio.. or Three for the Road… The Tremendous Triple… you know… I’m sure Mr. Fantastic could come up with a snappy title for the remaining three! Life goes on (ok, comic books never die)!

  2. WHAT?! JOHNNY IS DEAD?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I *LOVE* the Human Torch! He’s seriously the best of the four of them, in my opinion:) And one of my all-time favorite superheroes. Grr you, Marvel. I hate it when characters die like that. It’s just wrong 😦

    Sigh… I’m totally with you on the mourning thing today. ^_^

  3. Not fair! He was my favorite character! *grumble grumble* I hate it when people do that… you know, kill off a favorite just because they CAN and they are GOOD AT IT. Ugh. *sniff*

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