A (literal) Sun Flower. A (very) blonde princess. A thief on the run. And a horse who thinks he’s a dog. Tangled.

I went to the theaters expecting to see a cute movie. After all, the preview looked adorable, right? I’ve got news for you.

It was BEYOND adorable. It was downright hilarious. It was wonderful. It was the best princess movie ever (it even – slightly – beats Beauty and the Beast).

And it all begins with a Sun Flower. No, not the kind you plant in your backyard. The kind that springs from a drop of the sun when it hits the earth. It’s pretty, it’s yellow, and has healing and anti-aging powers, to boot! The queen of the land falls sick, and drinks water from the flower. Ta-daa, healed! But just one thing – it’s given her daughter magic hair. Just one catch – (very very very) old lady was using the flower to keep her young, and she isn’t happy about the fact that it was used by someone else. But wait, all is not lost – if she sings a certain song, Rapunzel’s hair glows and still de-ages her. Obviously, there’s only one thing to do – kidnap the child and raise it as her own! Fast-forward seventeen years. Enter Flynn Rider – charming, somewhat egotistical, and – oh, yeah. Wanted. By the law. For thieving.

Rapunzel has spent her entire life locked up in a tower, believing Lady Gothel (the very very very old lady) is her mother – who absolutely FORBIDS going Outside. But Rapunzel is determined to go see the Floating Lights for REAL on her birthday – and there’s only one person who can take her.

No, not the horse. Flynn. Yup. But the only way Rapunzel will get him to take her is if she hides his most recent stolen item. Of course, she’ll give it back once he’s guided her to the Floating Lights and back.

So, the reluctant guide and the (slightly ditzy) princess set off on an adventure that had me in both stitches and tears. I didn’t want it to be over. I ordinarily don’t like animated movies this much – but seriously. I liked it better than Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I suggest watching it. I suggest watching it twice. Three times. Buying it. I plan on it =)

~ Ëarwen

WARNING: In spite of its being a princess movie, it’s not a ‘little’ kid movie. Kid, yes. Little, no. Take caution.


4 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. I loved Tangled! At first I thought, “Oh great, another princess movie,” but when my sister showed me some of the hilarious previews online I knew I would love this movie. 🙂

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