So much to say!!!!!!!!

  Meaning no disrespect to Aragorn/Elessar/The Elf-stone/Strider/Rightful King of Gondor, but this is a perfect demonstration of how I feel. Wonky. Good, but wonky. The last two weeks, I’ve been running on a panicked (Will I have enough money for Christmas presents!? How on earth will I get all these drawings done before their deadlines!?) deliriously happy (I love Christmas! I love Christmas shopping! Drawing is so much fun!)  frustrated (Okay, now what do I BUY this person for Christmas!? Why won’t this drawing turn out!?) and zonked, which is a pleasant mix of all three.

Okay. To start the ball rolling, Wayne Batson really liked the picture I drew for his birthday. According to a reliable source, he kept talking to his wife, Mary Lu, about it, pointing out the different things I had put in it that were from his books.

Here is a picture of it, framed and awaiting him on his table…

And, drumroll please, is His Wayneship with my picture!! Happy birthday, Mr. Batson!!

Awesome, yes? In return, he gave me a signed copy of his latest (and super awesome) book, The Sword in the Stars. His exact words were “To Lady Mirriam the Pure. Vanescence, Nuvim. Wayne Batson.” What does Vanescence Nuvim mean? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Another note of interest – I won an iPod shuffle! I got it yesterday – it’s adorable, silver, and weighs less than an ounce. So cute. And now, Mushin can be my backup – the new intruder has 2 GB instead of 1, WOOT! What shall I name my new iPod? Any ideas? I’m thinking of naming it Alastair, after the main character in the Sword in the Stars.

Sunday was a blast – after church we went shopping – I added a few more Christmas presents to my growing to-give pile, and I got some adorable new boots, thanks to Mom and Dad! I’ll have to post a picture of them soon. And guess what?

IT SNOWED! IN GEORGIA! IT SNOWED! You all know I’m from WA, so it was LOVELY to get a nice snow!! WOOT! So great!!!!

And so today, I’m going to the orthodontist to get my wires off – dentist to get fillings – and orthodontist again to get my wires back ON. Then, it’s off to Starbucks and Marshall’s f0r Christmas shopping!

Here are some of the drawings/sketches I did while I was on hiatus! Enjoy! Critique is welcome.

This one was GOING to be for a 2-page spread in Port Yonder Press’ Elf anthology, but I didn’t like it and it wouldn’t quite work, so it is now off to join Christian Miles, instead. He’d better give it a good home – every Chimera deserves one. (I will soon campaign on “Save the Chimera!” be looking for it!)

This is a sketch of Ithilwen’s two main characters, Ithilwen and Frodowise Middletum. Guess who Frodo’s patterned after?

This is Devin. New character perhaps?  (Saerwen INSISTS it’s Ben Barnes. I say it’s Devin.)


A horse skull study! A bit ’rounded,’ but eh. It was fun.

And here is one of my drawings for Aletheia magazine, to be published in January. I’m only

giving you a thumbnail because it’s going to be in a magazine… .>:) and you’ll have to wait till then to see the full view.

Well, there you have it! As you can see, I’ve put snow on my blog… so glad WordPress finally has it. Yay! They were way behind blogger in that respect, now they’re adding cool new things. Woot!

Toodlepip and all that,



5 thoughts on “So much to say!!!!!!!!

  1. hey! neat pic of those Ithilwen/Frodowise Middeltun geeky kids. Hey, I bet that Frodo kid is based after Hiccup! I bet you a million bucks he IS! 🙂

    I luv that pic you drew me 🙂 It’s nice to have you posting again!! 🙂 Hey, there’s a caption contest on my blog! Don’t forget to add a few 🙂

    Lovely to have you posting once more! 🙂

  2. Being that I haven’t “known” you that long, I am allowed to go back and be excited about all the old stuff, right?? Well, that last image is FABULOUS!!! I mean it!! Wow! Powerful!

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