–adjective feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

I don’t know about you, but there are sure a lot of things I feel thankful, grateful, and appreciative about this year. To name them all would be impossible – I remember when I was little and somebody told me to count my blessings every day, I tried to physically thank God for every single tiny thing I had that I enjoyed in any way. I’m sure He was very amused as He listened to a little girl go “Thank you for my pink shirt, and my eraser, and my left desk drawer, and my right desk drawer, and my lamp, and the lightbulb in the lamp, and my door, and…”

I’ve never had trouble being grateful for things. However, I do tend to be blinded to how much I have when the urge for something new grips me. “Oh, if only I had that book…” or “Oh, if only I had a laptop…” Things like that. But those things are so insignificant compared to the bigger things in life – my family, my friends, a house – things that many people around the world lack.

So for now, here is a list of things I am thankful for.

My Dad (sub-thankful things: His love, His sense of humor, His kindness, His Job, the way he listens when you have something to say, and how even though he considers things for an age, he can still randomly surprise you)

My Mom (sub-thankful things: Her amazing love, the way she holds everything to gether, everything she does for us, her kindness)

My sister Melanie, her husband/my bro-in-law Joel, my beautiful Neices Seleia, Elora, and Amarra, my nephew Dashiel (Sub-thankful things: Melanie’s commisseration phone parties with me, Joel’s banter-sessions with me, Seleia’s bouncy, thoughtful personality, Elora’s quirky, outgoing self, Amarra’s big, faerie-like eyes, Dashiel – well, he’s just beautiful)

My sister Maralie, her husband/my bro-in-law Jake, my bouncy-trouncy-flouncy-pouncy-full-of-fun-fun-fun nephew, Silas (Sub-thankful things: Mar takes me places, is totally fun and does unexpected things – plus, gives me her magazines when she’s done with them. Jake and I can have discussions about books and music, which are really fun – and Silas? Well, his personality makes it super being around him)

My brother Mac (sub-thankful things: He goes out of his way to be thoughtful, like surprising me with Prince of Persia, he teaches me how to defend myself and then brags about me when I – very rarely – beat him in a fight, gives me writing ideas, and is generally the awesomest brother around)

My sister Riah (Sub-thankful things: We can talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk… and we can have a huge in-your-face blowout and have forgotten what it was about in an hour. She surprises me with thoughtful things, like my Starbucks writing mouse Huxley, and even sometimes DOES THE DISHES for me!)

And now, for the rest –

My friends and fellow bloggers, Hannah T., Keaghan K., Cassie R., Awel Prince, Ithilwen, Heather G., Hannah G., Stella, Lorowen, Amy, Hannah N., Hannah D., Christopher M., Kyla, Ellyn Gibbs, Max and Lucas R., Caroline, Memzie, Gabrielle, Nahla, Whisper, Memzie, Evergreena, Vellvin, Genevieve, Nana… and if I missed someone, I’m terribly sorry! I love you all! You spice up my life, thank you so much!

And a special thanks for those who are supporting me in my writing and art – Marlayne Giron, Michelle Black, Chila Woychik, Chris Miles, and, even though he doesn’t know it yet, Wayne Batson.

And to the One who makes it all possible, The Ultimate Father! Thank you, Lord!

Have an awesome, happy Thanksgiving,



12 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. *screams* I was listed on here!!! 😀 *suddenly pouts* but there wasn’t a peep about Owl City… anyways, *laughs* that was just to get you to smile, girl!!! I’m thankful for you too!! You make me laugh, you make me giggle, you make me bang my head on my keyboard b/c I can be so dumb and all you do is laugh at me for it!!!

    BIG HUGS & love,
    Awel P.

  2. aww! I’m thankful that your thankful for me 😀 ah, that sounded conceited, but at least I know who my true friends are! I’m thankful for you too my michin dongsaeng! con mucho amor, your michin unnie! 😛

  3. Aw, how sweet, I’m really thankful for you to, Earwen! 😀

    this IS Pepper/Ithilwen, dear, but I have a gravatar account now that gives me a um… what’s it? a pic now like on Narniaweb etc. Look! I’m *hic* Hiccup! :)) Am I cute or WHAT?!

    I.Am.Thankful.That.Dragons.Are.CUTE! And now, I want a pet dragon SO bad… 😦

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