An inexplicable feeling of elation and confusion

Well! Lots has happened this week, I can tell you!! But it has also been really fun. (Stitches aside. My arm looks better now – THIS instead of all the bandages).

We watched How to Train Your Dragon last night – my fourth time – and then, wonder of wonders (miracle of miracles… ) it was playing AGAIN at the Orthodontist this morning! So I have now seen it 4 1/2 times.

And I already have it 90% memorized!

AND – more exciting news.

I finished my commission for His Wayneship – and am now designing a logo for the same wonderful lady who commissioned the aformentioned picture.

And, I know this is a bit early (I’m allowed to post it, since His Wayneship knows NOT to search anything related to him this close to his birthday, we’ve made sure) so you call could see it.

So yes, things are looking definitely UP! I am muy muy excited! I am also irritating everyone by trying to learn the Phantom of the Opera on the piano. I have changed the left hand so it is one note repeated the whole time, more like the actual song then the boring way the sheet music had it. I happen to think it sounds cool, but it is threatening the sanity of everyone else who occupies the same space that the piano does. Therefore, I can only practice it every now and then, or risk having the sheet music burned on a ceremonial pyre.

I am astonished at how SLOW NaNoWriMo is going for me this year, compared to the first. Apparently you just can’t beat the rush the first year gives you. However, Sherwood’s Outlaw is still under way – slowly, but surely.

And on that note, I leave you.

Sister Dear has to do her Spanish. ^_^

~ Ëarwen


8 thoughts on “An inexplicable feeling of elation and confusion

  1. W.R.I.T.E. Sit down with a notebook if you must. (I wrote 500 words within an hour- with a pen and paper, which is tremendously fast for me, using that mode!) In any case. You can do it! Go Mirriam, go!! Remember, the more days you don’t reach 1667, that’s the more WC you have to make up! XD

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