That is my arm. Correction: My right-drawing-writing-do-most-everything-with arm.

My arm is stiff.

My arm is wrapped in bandages.

And those bandages are covering 15-20 stitches in multiple slices on my arm.

Note to Self: Never, ever, walk down the wooden stairs with wool socks on, without holding the rail. You are likely to slip on the second step, fall down the 15 remaining stairs, break a glass, spill your food, and cut yourself up while you’re at it. Plus, sitting in the waiting room at the hospital for 2+ hours, playing card games and reading whilst trying to keep away from all the poor people hacking and coughing behind masks does not fall under the ‘Fun’ category.

God is so good, though – I didn’t break my neck like everybody else in the family who heard my spectacular fall thought I did, and the doctor said I can still bend my arm (hahahaaa, yeeaaahhh. At least it won’t kill me to bend it enough to draw. Typing is easy, I just keep my right arm a little stiff. Drawing is going to be FUN with this thing on.


18 thoughts on “Wince

  1. Whoa…
    That sounds like it was…interesting.

    Just kidding. I hope you feel better soon and the cuts heal well! And wear slipper socks from now on. That’s an order. Seriously. You could fall and break your royal neck, and then where would we be? ( 😉 Name that movie.)


  2. EAAAAAAAAAAAAAARWEN!! YOU–YOU–!!! POOR GIRL!!! Count your “lucky” stars: at least it ain’t carpal tunnel!! 🙂 🙂 At least you fared better than Lieutenant Bush who in the Kingston Post was reported as having “nine cuts and forty-two sitches.” 🙂

    *leaves singing*
    I served and scratched a rainbow
    So curved, I felt the pain go
    Through my joints
    And now I don’t wanna play
    Swinging down, I sent the birdie
    Downtown, At 7:30
    And I’m convinced that I’ve got tennis elbow

    Okay, not quiteeeeeeeeeeee the same thing, but it’s about pain and it’s by the uber-super-coolest band so WHO cares? 🙂

    -Awel P.

  3. Whoa, I leave for two weeks, and major things happen. ^_^ That sounds awful!! I could imagine it, too.:( I hope you feel better soon, but in the meantime, with that bandage you can always pretend you got into a fight with Gisborne, or was being chased by sheriff’s men through the forest being shot at with arrows. Or whatever. 😛

  4. Take care of yourself, girl!

    I don’t know what I would have done if you had broken your neck…

    Be careful… for my sake! (and yours) *smiles* LOL.

    Love you!

    Your sister,

  5. Oh My word!
    Look at the bright side! maybe you can watch something while it’s getting better, Ok I know that didn’t make it any better. 😥
    What can I do? Well I’ll be praying for you.
    take care…..

    *stares long and herd at the picture* *wince*

    • Lucas – 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ll probably watch King Arthur… again ^_^ Thanks for the suggestion!! Um… well, hey, you can just be yourself and send me an email when you get the time! ^_^

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