C’est la Vie

Such is life.

Mine has taken an interesting turn.

A more official turn.

An exciting turn.

A dreams-come-true, I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening sort of turn.

I have officially become…


It is still in the workings and nothing is published yet, but I am illustrating one to three stories in Port Yonder Press’s new Elf Anthology. My artwork will be in. a. book.

I still can’t really believe it.

It’s amazing to me what  God has done for me over the past month. Illustrating stories in a magazine, drawing a picture for W. T. B., being commissioned to do a logo by a good friend of W. T. B. and part-time PR agent, starting an art website (the name has changed, suggested by the aformentioned PR agent, “The Artchick” – and yes, I am still not using names because if W. T. B. searched up his name, I would want him to find out about his birthday surprise and spoil it. A clue: No.)

But still, even though He’s given me all these amazing opportunies and things to do, guess what I find myself doing?

I forget to read my Bible (worse, I remember, and then go ‘Oh, I’ll do it before bed.’ Do I remember to do it then? Mmm, no). 

I lose my temper quickly, and get snappy and angry at the slightest hint of anything that may or may not upset my delicate internal balance (“Did you just look at me? Oh-ho, you’re asking for it, buddy!” and the like).

Therefore, I have resolved (and I do not use the word lightly) to spend some time each day (yes, even during NaNoWriMo) with God. Reading the Bible, praying, doing my devotional… and I am going to stick to this. I am going to set a specific time – I’m going to shoot for early morning, but if I can’t drag myself out of bed then probably right after lunch – at first, to help me get in the groove.

I found this AWESOME chapter of Psalms that I’m going to work on memorizing a chunk of – Psalm 45: 1-7. I highly suggest reading the chapter.

In short, I find that when I begin to slide downward in my spiritual life, I grow more passive towards Christ – and I do NOT want that!!  It is continually astonishing to me how excited I get about Him and living a Christian life when I spend daily time with Him… and yet how easy it still is to slide out of the habit. Mom mentioned a few days ago that she missed my “A Hot Heart” devotional blog, because she thought it was good for me. Well, I agree – I think it was good for me, spiritually, and it seemed to help and inspire some of you out there. Therefore I have decided to strike it up again, somewhat, but just post the posts on this blog, instead of creating another one (another blog, I do not need).

That aside, I found the theme verse for Sherwood’s Outlaw – Psalm 44: 6-7. “For I will not trust in my bow, neither shall my sword save me. But thou hast saved us from our enemies, and hast put them to shame that hated us.”

I’m greeting at Church during November – it alternates – which is always fun, and I’m getting to know more names. Also, on Sundays now I teach the class for kids during home group in the afternoons, which is fun. We’re going through “You Were Made to Make a Difference” by Max Lucado (my pick, I liked the book and it seems to be going well with the kids).

Also, how about this autumn weather? Even in Georgia, it’s getting gorgeous. I love gray, rainy days with a chill, and that’s just what we’ve started to have. And can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I’m astounded. And soon after that – CHRISTMAS! *faints* I’m still trying to ram that fact through my head.

And of course, the inevitable – (strike up Jaws theme) – NANOWRIMO!

Aha, yes. My characters do NOT get along. Oh, on paper they get along relatively well (Robyn and the sheriff have some problems, as is to be expected, but other than THAT… well, okay, so Robyn and Ioan have tension sometimes too – and then there’s the deal with Ioan and Marian, and Will and Robyn, and… yeah, okay. So nobody gets along) – but in my head, they quarrel constantly.

Here, for your viewing pleasure and so you understand me a little better, is a short screenwrite of what goes on inside my head. I am in the driver’s seat and MC and Protagonist are in the back seat. And we are driving a Mazda, in case you were interested. And the road, is the Plot.

Scene Opens. The Car is driving peacefully down the road – er, Plot.

Me: Man. This traffic is SLOOWWW. Can’t the speed limit be a little higher?

MC: *blows air out* This is BO-ring.

Protagonist: Tell me about it. When do I get to do anything?

Me: As soon as I get some inspiration, okay!? Just keep your shirt on!

Protagonist: *offended, remains silent*

Plot/Road: *does a violent twist*


Plot/Road: *evil laugh, and completely ignores me*

MC: HA! Take THAT, Protagonist!

Protagonist: No, YOU take THIS! MWAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Plot/Road: *changes into a long stretch of nothing*

Me: uh… great.

MC: Zzzz…

Protagonist: *pokes MC*


Protagonist: I am NOT!

MC: Yes, you WERE! Like THAT! *pokes Protagonist*

Protagonist: HEY! Did you see what he did to me!?

Me: Uh-oh, looks like there’s a traffic jam up ahead…

Voices cut out, scene ends.

And that was only a small snippet. *sighs* There you have it.

Well, must go now… Dad should be home any minute! He’s been on a business trip today, and I’m excited to have him back (I’m springing the illustration news on everybody – except Mom, she knows about it already – at dinner. Whew!!!)

~ Mirriam


9 thoughts on “C’est la Vie

  1. THAT IS SO EXCITING! I’M VERY VERY VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! AHHHHH! How do you get all of these OPPERTUNITIES?! That is so very awesome, and I mean it.
    You know what, I was struggling with the same thing too-ish: I started getting really involved and passionate about my art, more so, which in itself is not bad thing- and then the Holy Spirit began to bug me with a question: if God called me to another walk of life, outside of art, would I be willing to leave it all behind? OUCH. I said “… yeah,” but I wasn’t really okay with that. My mom picked up a book at the library, I checked it out, and a couple days later read something that really caught my eye, completely reassuring me and telling me what I most definitely needed to know at the moment (for example, that God gave me this talent for a reason, but I have to be ready to use it and my other gifts to serve Him however He thinks right). The book is: Let’s Talk! by Danae Dobson- the chapter was When I Grow Up, I Want to Be… (If you can’t find it I’ll just show you, if you want to read it 😀 It helped me a lot) (sorry, that was a long story)
    Anyways, I wish thee MUCH MUCH luck in your new ‘career’ 😀 I can’t wait to see everything you draw!

  2. Sounds AWESOME!!!!! I had been looking at Port Yonder Press as a possible publisher for my new book 🙂

    Ugh! I know exactly what you mean about characters not getting along. Hopefully they’ll work out their differences. lol

  3. Aaah, Earwen, I don’t think you were meant to write in a time crunch! LOL! 🙂

    Love ya girl!!!!!!!
    -Awel P.

    p.s. and I know who W. T. B. is!!! 🙂 I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you! When you become famous will you forget me? 🙂

    • Forget you!?
      JOKE! Never. After all, it’s little people – er, I mean, wonderful friends like you who got me here.
      XD XD XD Love you too, girl =)

  4. congrats on getting your ART published! 😀 I’d SO ask you do illustrate mine, but I’m a cheapskate since I can do my *own* work (I love yours too, dear) but somethign about doing my *own* work for my *own* book is simply awesome! I found a look for Frodo and Dazzy that I soooo love!
    Anyhow: I am SSOO excited for ya! I finished NaNo!! 😀 YES!! 😀 But guess what, no where NEAR being done with my *ahem* book… i’m probably *now* only a LITTLE past half way! 😀 And ONLY in chapter five (102 pages)

    Oh (listens to brililant, lovely, heroic, aweosme How to Train your Dragon song) DID I TELL YOU I SAW how to train your dragon AND LOVE THE MOVIE TO PIECES?! It’s better than the first two Narnia movies! (Though I think Dawn Treader will whoop the tar outta Narnia 1 & 2!) BUT wow, Hiccup and Toothless are SOOOOOOOOOO cute! I love, love love LOVE the movie! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I knew it was by ‘dreamworks’ (vaugely) and thought ‘that’s going to be stupid’ It was SO stinking, so STINKING cute I TELL YOU! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Toothless is my look for Drazearra (except my dear Dazzy is a girl and is brilliant blue! :D) And I drew a picture of Hiccup as Frodo and my friend (editor for my story) Molly drooled over my picture of Frodo: ‘FRODO IS SOOOO cute!’ Literally… you should have heard her.

    And get a load of the awesome… perfect… soundtrack for Train your Dragon (it knocked my socks off!) 😀

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