Too much fun? …NO WAY!

Yesterday morning, my Mom drove me to the Starbucks in Alpharetta to pick up my closest friend, Scarlett. We ‘returned’ her a couple hours ago, with much shedding of tears. I can safely say, we had an absolute BLAST! See how much we’ve changed over the few times we’ve seen each other in the flesh over the course of two and a half years?

And finally, yesterday –

And for a special treat, while she was here, my photographer sister Maralie had a photo shoot with us! Here are a few of the results!


We had so much fun – we hardly got any sleep last night ,we talked until 4:30 in the morning (and then woke up at 7:30 for family Bible Study!!) But we had an AMAZING time – I love her like my own sister. *happy sigh* I’m very happy. Very, very, happy indeed.

It has been a very good two days.

~ Ëarwen


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