Peter Versus Caspian

*A Short Film By

My Sister and I

In the Hope that It’ll

Make You Giggle.

If It Doesn’t…

Oh well.

Click Here To View the Video!

*And no, we are generally not this immature + weird + demented in real life. Ordinarily.

3 thoughts on “Peter Versus Caspian

  1. Oh, goodness, Earwen! I was laughing so much I was crying!!! Nice use of the Toy Story 3 song ‘Cowboy’. 😉

    “I don’t care if you’re the High Queen’s Mother!!”
    *Saerwen laughs*

  2. *climbs back onto chair after having falling off from laughing so hard* ahh, you two are hysterical!
    “Who are you?” *attack* “Who are you?!”
    Wait for it… wait for it… “High king of Nottingham?” “…Narnia…” HAHA!!! 😀 best part!
    And I love the tiny invisible swords!
    Maybe it’s just my ears, but there was a part where I couldn’t really understand what you were saying and it sounded like Korean! BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! ahh, I need to come back to America… temporarily…

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