Welcome Back, Self!

Yes! I am back as Ëarwen, and it feels good ^_^
And as such, I have decided to start off with a very long and interesting post that I am sure will keep you all captivated and enthralled for a good ten minutes of your time.

As you can probably see – especially if you happened to have subscribed to my blog, like my Mom was – I have uploaded the best posts from my “Wide-awake Dreamer” blog onto THIS one, to make for easier reading, etc.

But now that that’s out of the way –
First of all – apparently, this is me.

  I was talking to one of my friends and he mentioend he was busy killing aliens, and that one of them reminded him of me. I asked which one, and he graciously replied with the above picture, and said “This is a female protoss. She is an executor which means she leads a her own tribe. (you)” Apparently I’m also telepathic (notice the lack of mouth).

I’m not really sure whether this is a good thing or not.

Also – inspired by Ithilwen’s “Every Writer’s Dream,” I have done my own take on it!

My room is my haven, and so I have tried to make it as haven-like as possible. And since it’s always fun to see other people’s writing/inspiration places, (at least, I enjoy it) I have decided to give you a look at mine. 🙂

Top to bottom – my pencil box, my sketchbook, (curtosy of Ithilwen ^-^) and drawing stuff.

My dictionary! Well, technically it’s Dads, but it’s sort of mine by proxy. 🙂

My Tolkien/Lewis shrine, haha ^_^ I keep most of my favorite books on these two little shelves – my other books occupy my full-size shelf on the other side of the room.

From L – R: The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien, Unfinished Tales, A Guide to Middle-earth, The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun, Tolkien’s World, Master of Middle-earth, a Tolkien Compass, the Tolkien Companion, Architect of Middle-earth, the Lord of the Rings books and extended DVD set, The Tolkien Scrapbook and the Hobbit Companion, Understanding  Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings, The Tolkien Reader, the Silmarillion, Farmer Giles of Ham and The Smith of Wooton Major, Gawain and the Green Knight and Sir Pearl.

Then, for Lewis: Mere Christianity, Inside Narnia, The Horse and His Boy, the Last Battle, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and the Silver Chair. (I would have put my Lewis devotional up there, but there was no room ^_^)

Here we have my OTHER (more portable) dictionaries, The Writer’s Handbook 1999 edition (I love this book), Becoming a Writer, (another favorite), the Adventure of Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood (I like Robin Hood), King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, Tales from King Arthur, Robin Hood (^_^) Hood, The Door in the Wall, Antigone, Voices of Verse, Swords of the Six, Aenid, Favorite Poems of Childhood, The Enchanted Castle, the Phantom of the Opera, The Oddessey, Peter Pan, Kiriath’s Quest, Storycraft, Favorite Greek Legends, The Sword and the Flame, In the Hall of the Dragon King, and on top, my Thesaurus. And on the bottom shelf – notebooks and magazines!


My bulletin board – parts of it are rippled to make sure my friends don’t find out their Christmas presents ^_^ And one of the pictures is covered up… to help my friend remain anonymous!! ^_^

My sister made this for me, because I love Beauty and the Beast so much ^_^

And of course, a Tolkien Calender =) As you can see, October is Mount Doom… yes…

Some of what’s on my desk…

The top of my other shelf – a box full of drawing supplies, and my art books (The top two are library books – probably my 2 all-time favorite drawing books!)

And a detail of my dragon box (I keep matches/candle stubs in it – very fitting for a dragon, don’t you think?)

L-R: The Wilderking Trilogy, The Thief Lord, The Thief and the Beanstalk, several Shakespeares, the Books of Bayern, Dragon Rider, The Dragon’s Lair, Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, High Rhulain, Skybreaker, The Legend of Luke, Rakkety Tam, Taggerung, a Treasury of Love Poems, and on top Princess Academy.

Daughters of Destiny, The Soul of C. S. Lewis, Folk Tales of the British Isles, The King’s Swift Rider, the Wind in the Willows, Pearls of Lutra, the Long Patrol, Venom and Song, the Door Within Trilogy, A Child’s Book of Stories, Just Jane, The Sword Bearer, Ga’al the Conquerer, The Black Arrow, and the Inkworld Trilogy.

Folders and a few miscellaneous books at the bottom.

And there you have my writer’s haven! It’s where I do schoolwork, write letters, and draw.

And speaking of drawing, I have my art website up now – http://earwensart.wordpress.com

Take a look! I’m still working on appearances, so be patient ^_^

And to cap things off, a tag! Thank you, Fiona/Saerwen/Sis!


You need to do yourself and two other people (historical, fiction or anything like that). (NOTE from Ëarwen: As I have waaay too many favorite characters to pick, I’m just picking randomly two characters who would not get along with each other – Thranduil from The Hobbit and Shawn from Psych. Have fun.

I tag:

Anybody who wants to do it =)

What do you use most to communicate?

Me: E-mail, phone, blog, Facebook, letters…

Thranduil: Our voices.

Shawn: Communicate? Commun-commun-communicator! Hey! Beam me up, Scotty!

What’s your favorite music?

Me: Pick!?

Thranduil: Voices…?

Shawn: Rock. Cool stuff.

Would you move to another country?

Me: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… maybe.

Thranduil: Another country?

Shawn: *looks at Thranduil* Dude, you need a shot or something. No, I wouldn’t. I mean, hello, where else could I pretend to be a psychic detective and get away with it?

What’s your hobby?

Me: Reading, writing, drawing.

Thranduil: Ruling, if you could call that a hobby *glares at Shawn*

Shawn: Hey, I thought I already said that. Detecting. …and playing video games.

If you could be present anywhere, at any point in history, where would you go?

Me: Haha, as we say here “Jane Austen times” ^_^

Thranduil: Another time period?

Shawn: *rolls eyes at Thranduil* Here we go again. I’m good where I am, thanks. Except I think Gus might appreciate going back to the stone age, or wherever he was originally from… did they even have a stone age on Mars?

What’s your favorite color?

Me: Blue, green, silver, white, black, red.

Thranduil: Green.

Shawn: Why did you even pick him? I don’t know – Gus’s is pink. (Gus: HEY! It is NOT! Shawn: Then why do you wear it all the time? Gus: Because it HAPPENS to be one of  the only shirts I own! Shawn: Then go shopping, dude! Gus: Now hold in a minute- Me: GUYS! BREAK! Gus, you’re not even supposed to be here. Scoot. Shawn: *waves at Gus* We’ll do that again some time!)

If you had a favorite animal, what would it be?

Me: Horse or a wolf.

Thranduil: A horse.

Shawn: A SSSSSiberian Skunk-fish…! …What? I hear they taste like chicken!

If you had a motto, what would it be?

Me: Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.

Thranduil: I hate dwarves!

Shawn: He seriously needs a shrink. Mine? “Psych-out!” Oh yeah!

Thranduil: And I am the perfect height, thank you very much.

Shawn: …

If you suddenly had a million (tax-free) dollars, what would you do?

Me: Half to missions, half for everything else!

Thranduil: Dollars? Tax-free? I beg your pardon?

Shawn: A thousand tax-free lattes from Starbucks! 

What’s your favorite literature?

Me: Fantasy!

Thranduil: Literature?

Shawn: Sheesh, man, go get a cup of coffee! Wait, literature? As in, a book? Um… Gus’s favorite is connect-the-dots. I myself prefer Plato. (Gus: You wha-!? Shawn: Ah-ah-ah, you’re not in the conversation, remember? Gus: ….!!!!)


p.s. I watched Edward Scissorhands with my sister a little bit ago. Oh. My. Word. I would suggest caution, but that was a GREAT movie. I laughed and almost cried several times. Johnny Depp is really an amazing actor.


13 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Self!

  1. wow neat post! I’m glad you liked mine well enough to do your own. i was hoping you would do it! 😀 I love all the books you have! 😀 I need a bookshelf 🙂

    Love your tolkien calendar! 😀 I’m getting a Narnia one for 2011 😀 Plus a poster, plus the soundtrack, plus a lucy action figure (she looks like Ithilwen (character) so I thought I should have an action figure of Ithilwen 🙂

    SOO excited about Narnia! 😀

    DId I tell you I got my elf pen set like yours too? 😀

  2. Max – Identity crisis solved, and yes, the shelves are warped. I never even thought of turning them upside-down!!
    Nahla/Monica – THANKS!!!!
    Ithilwen – I really wanted to do it earlier, but no AA’s!! ^_^ Woot!! WOW, you’re obsessed XD XD OH, YOU DID?? AWESOME!!

  3. hey, just coming by to say: any chance of story before you start NaNo? 🙂 I’m really looking forward to more story, though I realize in November you’ll be busy with Nano, just wondering if you have anything up your sleeve! 😀 And good luck on NaNo! 😀

  4. You like Psych too?! XD XD

    That’s one of my fav shows after RH, Merlin, and another British show. Haha, I just love Shawn.;) Of course, everyone does…

    WELCOME BACK!!! I like this blog name better, too:).

  5. I loved this peek at your reading and writing space! And all the Tolkien and Lewis…yay! I haven’t read The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun (though I’ve been thinking of picking up a copy). How did you like it?

    And I’m a fellow lover of Beauty and the Beast. I actually did a series of posts on my blog about the fairy tale and its origins…and wrote a novel inspired by the tale. It never grows old. 🙂

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