Almost Alice Day #3 – Wonderland Whoosiwhatsits YOU can do!

Hey, another ‘W’ word!


Anyway, I’ve had these in my room for quite some time, but I have waited for Almost Alice in order to show you.

I had a large block of wood that I had been saving for some cool craft, and after seeing “Alice in Wonderland” (2010)

I was struck with inspiration. I painted one side of it blue and then sanded it down, and then with silver-and-black Sharpies, put my favorite Alice quote on it! Now it sits on one of my windowsills (in this picture, the sheet was still up. This was before we bought blinds, which are happily situated in my bedroom at present).

I also had another cool little piece of wood that I found out in the middle of nowhere – one side of it had wonderful blue/gray paint on it. So, I used it to put a piece of one of my favorite poems on it, and now it sits on the ledge above my door –


I made “Alice in Wonderland” Stationary.

I took Microsoft Word, inserted an old black-and-white illustration from Alice in Wonderland, and then, using both “Beyond Wonderland” and “Jane Austen” fonts, created some stationary sets. I printed them out on my Calligraphy paper, so I have sheer, multi-colored Alice stationary.

And here is what it looks like in Document form!

Have a Splendiferous day!


5 thoughts on “Almost Alice Day #3 – Wonderland Whoosiwhatsits YOU can do!

  1. Hey Mirriam- have you ever happened upon a picture of that one dress-robe thing Alice wears at the palace of the White Queen? I’ve been looking everywhere, but haven’t managed to find one, which stinks because I really liked that dress. She only wears it for like two minutes on-screen, but it’s my favorite. ^.^

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