Almost Alice Day #2 – Wonderland Fashion!

Alice’s wardrobe has undergone many changes throughout the years. Take a look –

 From the original Alice in Wonderland illustrations

 From the original Disney film

 The new 2010 movie version.

The newest one is by far my favorite – throughout the whole movie, the wardrobes astound me. They are FANTASTIC! Definitely one of my favorite things about the movie (the only thing being, some of the dresses show too much skin).

Let’s take a closer look at Alice’s “Down the Rabbit Hole” dress from Tim Burton’s movie version –

Celine also gave me this link – a girl made her very own dress exactly like the one above – complete with the GORGEOUS gloves that I adore. Go here – – to get inspired!

Here is another picture of my second favorite Alice outfit ( I have chosen the picture where she is the most ‘covered’ due to the lack of sleeve).

Also, Alice’s beautiful “Sailing” outfit…

And the dress/outfit underneath (SO cute!! Notice – she’s wearing the gloves from the BEGINNING of the movie, at the END of the movie!)

In honor of Alice, I have prepared a few “Alice” outfits of my own!

Miss Alice setFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Miss Alice set by TOPssecret featuring Bloch shoes

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4 thoughts on “Almost Alice Day #2 – Wonderland Fashion!

  1. Oooh, I’ve never been a huge fan of ric-rac, but that ric-rac blue skirt is really neat! I wonder if I could make one… I LOVE the coat and boots, too.

    I’ve always liked the original Alice dresses and pinafores In fact, I took notes for a costume study on that…maybe I should post it. The 2010 blue dress is cute, too, but it’s too bad it doesn’t have a full skirt, like in the illustrations.

  2. Lovely post! I like the outfits you put together! You know, a few of those pictures actually look kinda like you! Never noticed that before.. Keep the posts coming. They are so much fun!


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