Phantom of the Opera


Well, last night I watched the 2004 version of “the Phantom of the Opera” for the first time. I had read the book, and half of my friends LOOOVVEEDD the movie. So I gave it a try – along with my brother and his girlfriend, Taylor.

PROS: The Cinematography. It was BEAUTIFUL. The way they filmed the movie was awesome. Emmy Rossum was adorable and beautiful by turns – a great Christine, even if she didn’t look the least bit Swedish. Raoul – he looked just how he was supposed to look in the book. The Phantom was cool – the half-mask thing is a lot better than the Deaths-head in the book, although in the book Erik is a little more satirical and witty than the Erik in the movie. (Although it’s hard to feel sorry for something that looks like THIS) Also, the music – when the songs were actually SONGS and not ‘sung dialogue’ (more on that later) were beautiful. “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” “Music of the Night” and “Learn to be Lonely” are my favorites, tune-wise.

CONS: The sung dialogue. When the movie BEGAN, I was like “Oh, this is wonderful! The songs are just long enough, and there’s plenty of dialogue.” Half an hour later “Somebody, SPEAK! PLEASE!!”  Also, ironically, Gerard Butler’s (The Phantom) voice, while not unpleasant, wasn’t ”trained’ compared to everyone else’s. Also, we could have been spared being mooned by a stage-hand (a warning for those of you planning to watch it) (and I could hardly write that without cracking up, in case you were wondering). And Erik is a little… emotionally unstable. Taylor and I decided we went through spurts – “Oh, he’s so swee-never mind, Ugh! Aawww, he’s so – OH, get away! Get away! Shoo!” Honestly – Christine would have married you, Erik, if you hadn’t tried to murder Raoul.


(Courtship 101 was never his big thing, I guess).

All in all – I enjoyed the movie very much. But it would have been a lot better with LOTS! MORE! DIALOGUE! And if they had just kept the GOOD songs and not the “Oh-we-need-some-music-quick-everybody-make-up-something-to-sing!” stuff.


7 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera

  1. Hi Mirriam! I’m a huge fan of Phantom, read the book and saw the play several times and loved the movie. I’m sure if you ever got to see the play but the movie was exactly like it. They sung/talked thru the entire play as well with little exception.

    Be grateful for Gerard Butler; at one time I heard they were considering John Travolta for the part of the phantom; YIKES!!

  2. Oh, I ❤ Phantom of the Opera! That movie (the 2004 one) is the only version I've seen, but I love it! I know what you mean about the "sung dialogue." Like that bit when Raoul is trying to get into Christine's room–the Angel of Music song? And he says, "Who is that? Who is that in there?" LOL. Sorry…I shouldn't laugh…it's just a little comical. 😉

    I LOVE all those songs…"Music of the Night" is BEAUTIFUL. 🙂

    Sigh. I need to watch that again…

    ~Lady Avarona~

  3. Noooooooooooooooooo wayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was checking my email and my sister was looking over my shoulder and when we say this post we both cracked up ;P
    ‘Cause we just watched this movie, checked out the guide, and have been singing opera songs from the movie pretty much every time we talk. *sing*.
    And then my little sister is reading the book now…
    We can’t watch this movie with anyone who hasn’t seen it before because we sing along too much, so they often miss the main point of the movie.
    Yep. Our opera voices are beautiful. (Ha.)
    How FUNNY!

  4. Yay for Phantom!! I would really like to see the musical someday! My growing obsession with all things phantom started several years ago, so I didn’t realize how different Gerard Butler sounds. Hugh Jackman was considered for the role – and I think he would have been perfect *dreamy eyes*. He is even a *trained* singer.

    Yep, Andrew Lloyd Webber is an AMAZING composer… even if his theology is a little whacked.

    One thing I REALLY loved about the movie was how (and my dad pointed this out when we watched it) Raoul and Christine have such a good view of guy/girl relationships: he only wants to guide, protect, and hold her – she only wants to be led from her loneliness and be shielded from the maniac perusing her. Viola! Love story!

    Ëarwen: *crying softly into hands… followed by drumming fingers* Debate?

    Luthian Tinuviel

  5. well it Is supposed to be a musical… ;D I personally didn’t mind the sung dialogue. ;D I thought it was kinda funny how it is all sung.. ;D madame giry hardly ever sings though. 🙂 heehee! I completely agree about swinging from feeling so sorry for the Phantom and then telling him to get a life/get away. ;D

    :-* CM

  6. Shouldn’t you mention in your review the shocking immodesty and the good bit of immoral behavior? Since a lot of your readers trust you as a mature Christian influence, I think you ought to have warned about those issues.
    Just a note, I enjoyed the movie as well, so I don’t think there’s a problem if y’all like it, I just really believe we ought to warn about such big problems (see this link if you don’t know what I’m talking about when giving your thoughts.

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