Changing the blog name?

I’ve been doing some hard thinking.

I’m rather tired of the name ‘Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden’ – I’ve been looking for something new.

What do you think? I know lots of you like the title, but I changed it to that over a year ago when I was obsessing over Lord of the Rings. It just doesn’t quite fit me now, I don’t think. I’ll be thinking of some names, and then I’ll pot a poll up on the side so you can vote for different names, or just ‘stay the same.’

If I DO decide to change the name, it will be *after* Almost Alice, so as not to cause confusion. 🙂


~ Mirriam


16 thoughts on “Changing the blog name?

  1. So – in keeping with the last phase of LOTR, and the new phase, what about Under the Hood….. just, you know, asking……. :]

  2. Yeah…I know what you mean:). I’m game for something new. Are you going to stay Earwen, or be Mirriam? Cause I think your real name is really pretty:~).

  3. How about, “Confessions of a hardcore hoodie”? lol
    Or, “Arrows and Airships”?
    I like the name, but I am excited to see what new name you come up with.
    By the way, I am a regular follower of your blog even though I don’t show up as one. I can’t “follow” you because you’re not on Blogger, but I have your page bookmarked and I visit every day or so. : )


  4. I guess it would depend on what you change it to. I still like Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden…but in the end, it’s up to you! 🙂 If you feel it doesn’t accurately represent you or your blog, then you probably should change it.

  5. I wouldn’t mind if you changed it. You know I recently changed my blog’s name, for some of the same reasons–I started it a year or so ago, and my interests have shifted further and further toward writing. 🙂

    If you put up a poll of names, I’ll vote! 😀

    ~Lady Avarona~

  6. Hmmmmm…..Act Like Nothing’s Wrong? XD
    Wedding Dress? Say Goodbye? Red Rock? Don’t Forget? For Love of Iris?

    XD XD XD

  7. Interesting new look…what’s “Say goodbye” for?

    I have a blog that I don’t use called “The Multifaceted Melting Pot” (, which sounds like a good name for a blog with random things…I’m kind of hoping I’ll find someone to help put it to use as their own, or maybe as a collaborative effort. I guess a good name depends on what you like, what you’re like, and what your blog is about.

  8. I always did love the name “Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden”, but as long as you’re up for some change so am I ;P
    I don’t have any suggestions but I like what you have now- “My Take”.

  9. lol… you know, i guess we can all go for a change sooner or later. I really like Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden, but I’d like to see what you’ll come up with!!! :D:D:D

    So hay, surprise us!!! ^_^

    be blessed in your endeavors

  10. I agree with Caroline. Your real name IS very beautiful.

    I like the name “Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden” but you haven’t posted about Lord of the Rings in a long while. I think a change would be good. Maybe something to Robin Hood or Alice in Wonderland or Taylor Swift. Something you enjoy posting about.
    I don’t know. Just some thoughts.

  11. I think a change would be good. As you grow and learn, so does your writing/blogging style. When I first came across your blog as “Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden,” the LotR connection wasn’t the only thing I thought of; I also saw it as being a Shieldmaiden for God and that’s what you are! Even though your interests change, your beliefs won’t! Anyway, going with something that is more in line with your current interests would be fine, it’s entirely your choice. Just don’t forget your “roots,” as it were, as Ëarwen the Shieldmaiden. 🙂

  12. ‘Six Impossible Things'(you could finish the quote and add ‘Before Breakfast’ to the end of it…but that might be kind of long for a blog name might be a good blog name if you’re going to change it. 🙂 I like this one but it’s your take.


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