Almost Alice August!

Almost Alice Week!

I am very much looking forward to this. I was inspired by the Maid Marian weekend last year – it was so much fun!

And then the Peter Pan week that was not so very long ago! And then, even MORE inspiration hit me in the form of Tim Burton’s version of “Alice in Wonderland” – by far the best!  Therefore, I decree – August 1-7 is going to be “Almost Alice” week – in honor of Alice in Wonderland!


There will be several different categories in which to enter. I am somewhat fashioning this from Wickfield”s “Make Believe” week, as I’ve never done one of these before!

1. Wonderland Whatnot Do you know some music that sounds particularly Wonderland-ish? Do you have a favorite Alice movie/book? Rant, rave, and blog! Go crazy with Wonderland!  

2. Wonderland Fashion  Who doesn’t love Wonderland fashion? Dress up, do a photo shoot, sew something Wonderland-y, or put some outfits together on Polyvore! Have fun and go all-out!

3. Wonderland Art  Paint or draw Wonderland-inspired pictures! Write a story or poem (Jabberwocky is taken, sorry, people…) or create anything Wonderland-worthy!

4. Wonderland What-have-you Yes, this is different from Wonderland What-not! Wonderland What-have-you  can include anything I have left out in the previous three categories! Have you set up a Wonderland tea party? Do you just want to write about how much you love Alice in Wonderland? Your favorite characters? Do you have lots of Alice-themed books/movies/music? Anything is welcome and greatly looked forward to!

Hopefully you now have some ideas! There is a Linky tool on the sidebar where you can enter once Alice week starts! Once you have a post up, enter your link. Afterward I will go through all of them, and vote for my 5 favorite posts and will do posts on their blogs and Alice posts!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers that will be helpful to you during Almost Alice!

1. Can I Participate Even Though I Don’t Have A Blog? Certainly! If you have a account and want to enter a picture, put the link in the Linky tool, along with your blogger name! Do you have a story/poem/anything else you’d like to enter? Leave it in a comment or e-mail it to me at theshieldmaiden[at]!

2. Can I Enter Multiple Times? Absolutely! Put in a link for everything you do for Almost Alice!

3. Can I Use Pictures of Other People’s Things With Their Permission? Yes. If you have permission, you can borrow, wear, read, watch, and use other people’s things for Almost Alice! It doesn’t all have to be yours – just the idea/post.

4. I’ve Never Really Read the Books or Seen the Movies or Anything… Can I Still Enter? Yes indeedy! Go right ahead, and I look forward to seeing what you do!

5. Can I Enter More Than One Category? YES! Variety is the spice of life!

6. Can I Combine Different Categories in One Post? Absolutely!

7. (from Melian) If I have something that I have drawn/sewn, etc. before, can I still enter it? Or is it only new stuff we’re allowed to post? Anything is allowed! Old, new, borrowed, blue – enter it all!

I hope you have fun during Almost Alice – I certainly am looking forward to it!

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10 thoughts on “Almost Alice August!

  1. I’m so excited!!!! =) One question though–if I’ve sewn something or drawn an Alice in Wonderland picture before, is it ok to enter it? Or should the entries be all new stuff?

  2. So are you having a dress up tea part, and are we invited? that would be a blast, we could get some cool photos too!

  3. Suh-WEET! (ahem. sweet.) I’ve already started a drawing for this ;P

    The picture I’m doing (or picturesssss) is Alice in Wonderland themed but I’m using some of my characters (including Lom!!!!)… so…. is that okay?

    I’m excited! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. Yay! Totally doing this one, cuz I’m uber excited about it…and I know just the dress I can wear for the dress up…but anyway. :))

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