Movie Quote Game!

Okay, here’s a movie quote game for you all! I hope you have fun – I’ll announce the winner in a few days!

1.  “That may be the first time a man has dared insult me!” “It won’t be the last.”

2. “And I say, if you ever cross me again, I’m gonna roast you alive.”

3. “Well, I’m a fleet admiral, and I’m telling you to hit the road!” “Oh… I’m sorry, sir, I… I didn’t… as a matter of fact, I’m a… fleet admiral, TOO!”

4.  “I can handle the ship. I can even handle Mr. Blonde ambition. But I don’t know if I should be flying or doing Swan Lake in these suits.”

5.  “Look, I think you and me got off on the wrong foot. See, I’m attracted to you. And you, you’re attracted to me. And him, the freaky Zen master, he creeps me out. What I’m trying to say is…” “We’re attracted to each other?” “Yes! Thank you!” “That’s what you’re saying. That’s not what I’m saying.” “…it’s not? So, what are you saying?” “Attraction is an emotion. Emotions are not based on science. And if you can’t quantify or prove that something exists… well, in my mind, it doesn’t.” “…okay! I’ll get back to you on that one.”

6. “Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.”

7.  “Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched?” And that someone is, uh, a giant elephant?”

8. “You’re six years old and you can pick up a car. How different can you get!?”

9. “Stop the car.” “Why…oh, that makes sense. You speaking weasel.”

10. “We were expecting someone a little… taller.” “Is that supposed to be irony?”

There you go, have fun! Some are easy, some are hard. Hope you enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Movie Quote Game!

  1. 1. the princess bride!

    2. ringing a bell, can’t place it.

    3. Zathura

    4. mmm… dunno…

    5. sorry, never seen it…

    6. how to train your dragon!!!

    7. oh, i know it… can’t remember… 😦

    8. nope…

    9. nu uh…

    10. Prince Caspian!!!

  2. #5 is Star Trek ;D

    #6 is How to train your dragon 😀

    #7 …Horton hears a who? :-/ sounds familiar

    and #10 sounds Really familiar. 😛 ;D

    :-* CM

  3. here are the ones that i know, I’ve heard of the first one before! but idk what movie!
    6.How to train your Dragon


    10. Narnia: Prince Caspian

    Oh ya people beat that! lol! can you put more quotes?

  4. I don’t knew very many.

    7. Horton Hears a Who. Who says it? The Mayor is it? Yeah the main Who of the movie. Sorry I saw it once and haven’t seen it since. 😦

    8. A crazy guess but it sounds like Superman. Maybe it’s said by his adopted father

    10….I know it I seriously do…but I can’t remember…sorry…


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