Essentials for a Steampunk room

Yes, yes, I know. More Steampunk? Yup! I’m doing my room half-steampunk (if we ever get moved in, that is!)

Here are the things that, if I had money, I would put in my room. *dreamy sigh* For now, I’ll have to just look. And drool. And mop up the puddle. And look. And drool. And repeat.

1. A Cool Telescope

2. A Cool Globe




3. A Cool Old Map (preferrably with “Here There Be Dragons” on it. I like the double-view thing. Black and white or green and brown – just not BLUE!)

4. A Cool Trunk (I HAVE ONE!! AAAH!)

5. An Antique Desk (aaaah, I love this kind of desk!!)


6. A Cool Bed (Four-poster, preferrably)


7. An Awesome Steampunk Clock (grandfather or wall)

8. An Old Shelf


And there you have it! =) Any other ideas?

♥ Ëarwen


7 thoughts on “Essentials for a Steampunk room

  1. I like the clock. 🙂 Wouldn’t mind having a bed like that myself!
    I hope I don’s sound too stupid but…what is Steampunk exactly? It looks a lot like science-fiction but I’m not sure…


  2. Oh my word. I adore maps and globes! (they go along with my love of geographyXD)

    Thanks for you comment! Haha yep, I got the title from the Taylor Swift song, which I LOVE!! And I’m the same way with The Princess Bride–it’s got so many amazing quotes! (such as, “He’s only mostly dead”–ROTFL

  3. OOOOH! So cool! I love all of it! Right now my room is forest-themed, but if I ever change it, I’ll go for Steampunk, hands down.

    You have a TRUNK??? *jealous* I’m asking for one for my birthday, along with a brass compass. A telescope would be awesome, too! And that clock is amazing! I wouldn’t have room for a globe, but I love maps.

    How about a steampunk computer? I’ve seen pictures of them… they’re neat.

    Right now I’m reading “Airborn,” so I’m really in the spirit of things… 🙂

  4. Haha, I should have read your earlier entries before I commented. So you’ve already heard of steampunk computers. 🙂

    And I read the first chapter of your story! It’s gonna be awesome!

  5. I have seen that same base that is on the telescope on a lamp at Target here in Sacramento. check for it on their website. As for a shelf, I found that people who are doing remodels of their homes are more than happy to give up old paneling and bits of stray lumber, (as long as you haul the stuff yourself.) After that, A little cutting and a few nails and glue, maybe some dark mahogany stain and your the owner of a nifty set of shelves. ( I had the good fortune to end up with a cabinet and shelves that someone wanted to remove from a wall.) Cheers!

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