TOOOO much Uglies… I actually just used the phrase “Totally bubbly.”

Which, of course, is just bogus…


p.s. I”m plotting a Steampunk novel – for NaNo, maybe? Here are the names I’ve got: (SO much fun naming SP characters!)

Heroine: Arrah Fallon, Elisha Lenora Harland

Hero: Jasper J. P. (John Paul) Dick

 Antiheroes: Thatch Odgen, Cage Odgen (non-identical twins)

 Villain (M) – Edward Hiram Gallows

Villain (F) – Letitia Strom

 …definitely prettymaking! XD XD

Okay, okay, I’ll stop now…

~ Ëarwen-la

P.P.S. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really (to infinity and beyond really) love this computer… check out the (steam)punked laptop!!


2 thoughts on “Hahaha…

  1. That’s funny, I did that too when I read those books. Also, I kept thinking that hoverboards were real. They seemed very realistic.

    I wrote a steampunk novel for the last Nanowrimo, and I named my female villain Leticia Marrable. I guess Leticia is just a good villain name. : )

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