I ♥ Villains

Well, not really.

That was more of a joke.

But honestly, where would plots be without them? They’re just as important as the heroes!

Everyone from the Evil Stepmother to the Assassin to the Treacherous Friend…

Here are some of my personal favorites:

1. Vick from IRIS (Korean Drama) The Perfect Bad Guy. Yes.

2. Magua from Last of the Mohicans (OOH! OOOHHHH!! LEMMEATTIMMMMM!!!! AARRGGHH!!)

3. The Evil Stepmother from Cinderella (*squeaks* I always hated her!!)

4. StormShadow from G. I. Joe. (Seriously, if you knew the backstory, the good times, the treachery, the betrayal… you’d understand. My advice? Go watch a bunch of old shows. Read a few books. But not the comic books. Don’t read the comic books.)

5. The President from The Hunger Games. Seriously, could a guy get any more icky?

6. The Sheriff of Nottingham. Because he’s hilarious? A clue: Yes.

7.  Selia from The Goose Girl. ERK!

8. Yassen Gregorovich from the Alex Rider series (Yes. He’s my favorite character. Until… he… um, dies…)

9. Dr. Jonathan Crane from Batman Begins. (He’s creepy. He’s just creeeeeepy. And he’s so good at it. But I have to tell you – he has gorgeous eyes. Only good thing about him in that movie.)

10. That Stoat in one of the Redwall books who has the blue eyes and smiles a lot. I know one of you will tell me his name and I’ll feel dumb… =)

And there you have it. My favorites. Assassins are always my favorites, though, I don’t know why.

Who are your favorite villains?


14 thoughts on “I ♥ Villains

  1. Yessss, precciooousssss!!! Villains are wonderful and evil and awesome and horrible and cool and icky all at the same time. My favorite villains:

    1. The Sheriff of Nottingham. He is so bad and yet I find myself still laughing at his lines…even though I want to murder him.

    2. Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m not sure about this one…but he’s just so piratey. And has an awesome way of talking. He’s cool.

    3. Opal Koboi from the Artemis Fowl series. I’m so indecisive that I’m not sure about this one, either, but she is an excellent villain.

    4. Is it incredibly selfish and vain to name one of my own characters? Hehe. Saphira from my book Cymbeline. *ducks as people start throwing things*

    5. Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. Give it to ussss!!!

    Ooo, there are others I am going to think of. I’ll be back…

  2. You forgot Murdoc 😉

    Off the top of my head, my favourite villains are:
    -Murdoc from MacGyver
    -The Sheriff and Gisbourne from BBC Robin Hood
    -Carter from BBC Robin Hood (until he turns good……and then he’s one of my favourite good guys! 🙂 )

    That’s all I can think of right now…

  3. Look girl, the creepiest villian on the FACE OF THIS PLANET IS JACK SIMPSON!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh. He gives me the CREEPS. *shivers* We started rewatching Horatio Hornblower and I forgot how much he freaks me out. He is WICKED. He’s WORSE than Nazgul. 🙂 I’m mean they’re like…nothing compared to Jack. X)

    I’m listening to Only time. 🙂 Loves you!!

    Awel P.

    p.s. thought you might like to know what I was listenin’ to~just another random fact for your random brain. 🙂

    • There are several creepy villains in the Hornblower series, now that I think about it… 😛 And I don’t know if I’d call him an actual villain, but once I had a bad dream, and Captain Sawyer was in it. It was creepy…

      I think Professor Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes series is a rather well-written villain, and Gollum is a brilliant character, in that you can’t help but feel sorry for him. And most of Charles Dickens’ villains are unforgettable. 😛

  4. Don’t worry, I can’t remember the stoat’s name either. But it was in The Outcast of Redwall…I didn’t like that book. : ( too much psycholo-bable “I know there’s good in him.” Veil was like…OBVIOUSLY evil. 😦

    • Veil was bad, yes, but not because of his birth like everyone said. He was bad because of the way he was raised, and especially because of (could everyone just agree not to throw things at me, please?) the mouse maid who considered herself his mother. I don’t remember her name, but she should not have protected him from the consequences of his actions, or accused people, in front of him, of always blaming him for everything. That’s the part of the story that makes me mad. People aren’t good or bad based on their ancestry, but first based on their own choices, and second based on their upbringing and other circumstances.

      Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. 😉

  5. Oh, and Rigaud from Little Dorrit. That guy is an AMAZING villain. He’s so bad, he’s awesome, then bad all over again. And the song he whistles…I’m shivering like Awel now:)

  6. I love the Sheriff of Nottingham! Well, I mean I hate him. Well… I love to hate him.

    Yassan Gregorovich! Yay, someone else loves him too. Even though he is the villain, he is one of my favorite characters in the whole series.

  7. Or Ferahgo’s son, Klitch. I always liked that name and character. 🙂

    I just recently discovered your blog, Earwen, and am finding it full of really neat posts! It’s a very unique and interesting site.

  8. Of course, YOU know who my favorite of all time bad dude is….
    *slicks hair back and puts on tons of eye-liner, along with a massive ring, puts on a trench-coat, and then straps a 9 mm glock to side*
    Ah yessss….YOU know………
    *and don’t tell the precious, would you?*
    I.E. DON’T SAY!

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