Emphasis on _______?

My mom pointed something out to me just a few minutes ago that I hadn’t realized. She said that if was just reading through my posts, she would be able to tell I was ‘different’ – but she wouldn’t be able to tell that I was a Christian.

This means something is sadly lacking here – so from now on, I’m going to really try and put more of an emphasis on God. He definitely deserves it, and I haven’t been putting the focus on Him like I should.

And by the way, I just want to thank all of you – Caroline, Evergreena, Christopher, Monica, Genevieve, Cor Mariae, Cassie, Memzie, Nana, Gwyn – all of you guys are wonderful, wonderful readers who make blogging completely worth while. I always look forward to your comments (I logged on this morning to eleven on this one!!)

Have a great day!

~ Ëarwen


11 thoughts on “Emphasis on _______?

  1. Good for you, Earwen! You’re right; people who read a Christian’s blog should be able to tell why she’s different, not just that she is different.
    All right, I’ll comment more often! Actually, I was just saying a couple of days ago that I would appreciate more comments from my own followers. I guess I should apply the same reasoning to the blogs I follow, shouldn’t I? (I do read everything, just so you know.)

  2. I agree with Lorewen and Gwyn; you should be able to why we’re different and not just that we were different, and secondly you have stuff definitely worth commenting on! Thanks to you and your mom for the reminder to put the emphasis on Jesus:). Love ya, Earwen!
    (btw, your new look is really cute!)

  3. woah—maybe it’s just me but after reading just ten of your posts on your google “thoughts of a shieldmaiden” I knew with out a shadow of doubt that, A) you were a Christian, B) God was infinitely important in your life and blog, and C) you weren’t afraid to say so. well *shrugs* of course More focus on God is definitely a good thing, 🙂 but I wouldn’t sell yourself short. 🙂 when I first stumbled upon your blog I knew Nothing about you…

    and I like the newest background btw! 😀 (you seem to change it often these days ;D)

    :-* CM

  4. Wow! Good post! I really like it. Very, very good, dear!

    Lots of Love,

    P.S. Nathan’s standing with his mouth to my ear swishing spit around inside….*gag*

  5. Oh my stars, I L-O-V-E the new look!!!!

    It is an honor to comment on your posts. They are so worth the comments.

    Way to be open with us.

  6. I think we all have times when we need to get our focus back…it get’s loss way to often. And isn’t it great having godly mothers to remind us? God is good.

  7. I’d like to beg to differ with what you’re Mom said about your blog. It was pretty apparent to me that you are a Christian by the way you write. I think sometimes it’s ok to walk your walk without needing to be blatant.

    I really appreciate your blog…thanks so much!

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