Last of the Mohicans

Last night, Dad and I watched “Last of the Mohicans” together. And for the last ten minutes of the movie and a good ten minutes afterward, I am sobbing. No matter how many times I see it, as soon as Uncas leaves to rescue Alice from Magua, tears start streaming down my face and don’t stop until well after the movie is over. How can I love something so tragic? Tragic and wonderful, but when I woke up my stomach muscles were sore from all the crying I had done the night  before. I can’t imagine being Alice – supposedly sixteen years old – and going through all that she did. I love watching movies with my Dad, we agree on everything.

Do you want to know what he said to me this morning as soon as he woke up?


“Yeah, Dad?”

“Uncas dies.”

And, considering the fact that I was listening to “Wherever You Go” by Clannad at the moment, he very nearly had me in tears again. How could they kill Uncas!? And then Alice!? That is HORRIBLE! It’s much too wrong! It’s – it’s beyond terrible. I don’t understand how they could do it. Uncas is SO wonderful, and he dies SO well, it’s just… well, if I keep going, I’m going to cry myself to sleep again, so I’d better not.


6 thoughts on “Last of the Mohicans

  1. Don’t get me started. *sob*.

    Every time I watch that movie I loose it. Thanks. *smiles*

    (I’m just joking around, Mirriam. That’s the best movie in the world. Even if it does make me cry and they kill the BEST character ever.)

  2. The actor that plays Uncas looks Lokota, or maybe Sioux. Do you know? I don’t know the actor’s name so I can’t look it up :/ But it would be interesting to know 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen it, but I feel your pain. Just finished the second season of Robin Hood last night. So…yeah. I’ve vowed to never kill off good characters, cause it drives me up the wall when it happens.

  4. Gwyn: Eric Schweig was born in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, from Inuvialuit lineage on his mother’s side and German descent on his father’s side. Or so Wikepedia says….

    • I’m happy to say, I haven’t seen it. I can’t abide tragic movies. I very much prefer happy endings, as a rule.

      Oh, and did you know that your Peter Pan post is a finalist? Congrats! I voted for you! ( I think the voting ends tonight.)

  5. Haha, Nathan said in the last one that it looks like Uncas is holding a big onion…XD
    Cute picture, though…LOVE IT!

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