Voyage of the Dawn Treader SUPER TRAILER!!!!

OH! MY! GOODNESSS!!! LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And I actually think Caspian looks much more… royal in this one!) DECEMBER 16TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or is it 10th?)


6 thoughts on “Voyage of the Dawn Treader SUPER TRAILER!!!!

  1. I’m so excited too!!! I hope it follows the book, there have been rumors that it doesn’t… but I don’t know if it’ll be the same with Michael Apted directing rather than Andrew Adamson. And the MUSIC will DEFINITELY NOT be the same with David Arnold (who is he anyway?) over Harry Gregson-Williams! I’ll have to see it before I make my final say though. I can’t wait 😀

  2. I am unbelievably excited!!! It looks fairly close to the book too! Yay!!! I’m not happy, however, that Harry Gregson-Williams isn’t doing the music. l:( He’d better do a whacking great job! Music is one of the keys to a fantastic movie.

  3. YES!!! and I’ve already talked my parent’s into taking me and 2 friends on my birthday!!!! SO SO EXCITED!!!

    Although, according to Narnia Web, the added another character in. Her name is Gail, I think…


    PS: According to Spare, it’s the 10th that the Dawn Treader comes out on. 😉

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