My Favorite Music


Note: These are my favorite ARTISTS. Not necessarily my favorite cd’s by the artists. Also, I don’t like EVERYTHING of everyone’s. And yes, I know X-ray Dog and Immediate Music and ESPosthumus have weird covers… sorry =)

 (All 3 Pirates soundtracks)

 (I love this – although it makes me cry 😥 

 (And the 2nd one, of course =)

 (Technicolor Phase by Owl City and Alice by Avril Lavigne are on here!!!!!)

And there you have it! I know I”ll think of tons more the instant I post this, but hey, you have a sample =)


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Music

  1. Oh, I ❤ Owl City!!!! 😀 I cannot wait for "An Airplane Carried Me To Bed"–his Sky Sailing project!

    Michael Buble! Josh Groban! Lord of the Rings! Pride and Prejudice! Eeek! I love all those!


  2. I love Taylor Swift, Enya, Phantom of the Opera, and the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack!! I classify PoTC under “epic”XD

    Do you like Twilight? Or just the music?

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