Wendy-Pan goes to church!

Yes, I wore my Wendy-pan outfit to Church today. I actually got several compliments on it! This time, however, I wore it with my black riding boots, which completed the outfit =)

I am reading Seamus Heaney’s multi-lingual translation of Beowulf, and am seeing that the creators of the movie The 13th Warrior, but they combined the three monsters – Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon – into tons of Canniballistic humans instead of one Grendel, and a ‘mother’ figure which the Beowulf figure kills, and they put the dragon in there when the viking villagers insist that what is really the far-away crowd of cannibals approaching with torches is the ‘fire wyrm.’ 


also, I finished the book that my friend Morgan gave me for my birthday, Blue Like Jazz. I had forgotten that I hadn’t QUITE finished it, and so did today after a great church service that got me SO excited!! Anyway, Blue Like Jazz was a GREAT book, and I highly recommend it to anyone over 16 years of age! Really, really good. Give it to your non-Christian friends, too!


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