Make Believe Day One!

I am so excited!!! Today is the first day of Make Believe week, celebrating Peter Pan! My project for today was a photo shoot – my outfit was a combination of Wendy and the Lost Boys (although my brother said he thought it looked ‘elf woman’ and not ‘lost boy’ – oh well =)

I just realized that I post an awful lot of pictures… ha! Oh well. I love fashion and goofing off. Therefore,  I give you the Peter Pan Picnic and Photo Shoot!  (Images Copyrighted 🙂 Not that I need to tell you.)

Outfit: A long, green, embroidered house-jacket thing (don’t know the name) over a white shirt with black leggings and a thimble necklace I made out of my mom’s thimble and some of my sister’s yarn (because Wendy gave Peter a thimble =)

This is a mushroom.


This is the ‘Heffalump tree’ in our backyard =)

A conversation with Tinkerbelle…

With knife in hand, Wendy Pan (as my brother dubbed me) lunges forward!!

Hmm… to cut, or not to cut? (We didn’t XD)


8 thoughts on “Make Believe Day One!

  1. Wow, I love the third and fifth ones of you as well as the last one! Green looks good on you. Maybe it’s that elvish blood. 😉


  2. Awesome pictures! And the outfit is amazing! I love the green shirt/vest/thing. Oh, and the necklace is so cool and creative!

    When I was younger, my brother and I always used to team up to play Peter Pan. Well, he was Peter Pan, and I never wanted to be Wendy, so I was his sister, Martha Pan. 🙂 Later, I changed it to Marzi Pan. Good times…

    I hope to do SOMETHING for Make Believe, but right now, I don’t have any ideas. *sigh*

  3. Yes…MORE Like elf girl. 🙂 I love the last photo! And the one when you’re sorta walking into the woods but it’s all darkish. Cool! …*pauses*…you’ve got BRACES!? Did you tell me that, or did I forget!?

  4. p.s. that bracelet looks like a certain one worn by a deadly assassin we know…..*grins*……actually, it looks like a shoe lace….

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