Wonder-full Alice

Last night we all watched the new Alice in Wonderland movie! I had very high hopes for it – and the movie totally exceeded them!! It was FANTASTIC! (A proper word, perhaps!)  The costumes were AMAZING, the movie was very funny and filmed absolutely AMAZING. The special effects were superb – you sometimes forgot that it was all a green screen! It had an all-star cast including Johnny Depp, who was ‘the life of the party,’ Christopher Lee, who was more or less the ‘party pooper,’ Stephen Fry as the wonderful Cheshire Cat, and Anne Hathaway as The White Queen. And the music was STUNNING!!! It was Danny Elfman, one of my favorite composers – and I CAN’T WAIT to buy the soundtrack!!! It is DEFINITELY tops on my things-to-buy-ASAP list, along with Almost Alice =)

The costumes were just… just STUNNING. Look at these –

Are they not BEAUTIFUL!? Lush, intricate, and stunning. *sighs* If I had dresses like Alice’s, I would definitely wear them *grins* I loved the one she started out in, at the party for her proposal, a simple blue frock. And then her blue dresses afterwards were BEAUTIFUL – Strapless, sadly, but gorgeous. but her red dress was my favorite =)


10 thoughts on “Wonder-full Alice

  1. I don’t like the story of Alice in Wonderland, so I never saw the new movie. I’ll check into the music, however, since I’m such a soundtrack geek…

    (and the costumes do look wonderful!)

  2. Oh, Alice’s blue dress is so pretty! 😀

    …still think the Mad Hatter looks creepy. Like the Joker. ^_^ IDK, he just…freaks me out. *shrug*


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