Indian Princess photo shoot featuring Yours Truly!

Yeah, so we were feeling a little creative. It was just  me and Saerwen, home alone and cleaning up the house. And I came across something bright red draped across a chair. I held it up. “What’s this?” Saerwen said “Oh, that’s my head scarf for winter.” I said “Oh” and tried it on, pulling it across my face and lowering my eyelids. I fluttered my lashes and said “How do I look?” Her: “Actually, really pretty, like an Indian princess or something!” So, we payed homage to Around the World in Eighty Days and had a mini-photo shoot featuring me and the red head-scarf and tons of eye makeup XD (Now that I’m no longer wearing the scarf, I look like I’m on death’s door!) So without further ado…

…Ëarwen the Indian Princess!

   The second one is my favorite out of all of them ^_^


 This is my second favorite… or maybe my first…



 A p.s. for you all… this is a sketch of Deryn Sharp I did, from Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan. I loved the illustrations, so did my own take last night – what do you think?


5 thoughts on “Indian Princess photo shoot featuring Yours Truly!

  1. haha! cool! looked like oodles of fun! i wish i could have been there!
    You don’t know how long i spent in front of my mirror, tying a belt like-thing around me. you’d be surprised. there are several ways to do it.
    easily entertained, as you see. ;D

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