‘ello’ello’ello!! or, incomprehensive ramblings of a girl gone Doug, in which I -SQUIRREL!!

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever! (Is that a sign I enjoy it too much?) The past few days have been filled with frantic schoolwork: Algebra – YUCK, worst subject, Science – So-so, don’t enjoy it, but I’m not bad at it, History – I like it, Grammar – Headache. But it’s starting to click, Piano – I like playing. I really do. But not lessons. And not practicing. I don’t like playing stuff I’ve been told to play. I know, it’s just me and my less-than-great ‘tude. Literature – Ha! Probably my favorite subject. Literature and History are the winners – I don’t hate them =) I can’t wait till I’m out of high school! I’m sure I’m over-romanticizing the whole no-school thing, but I can’t wait until I can drive myself places, write whenever, read whenever, etc. Of course I know ‘life after HS’ won’t be all fun-and-fancy-free, I’ll have chores and responsibilities, but I can’t wait to pursue the studies, etc. that interest me! Celtic/Greek/Norse folklore, here I come! Not to mention fashion design (♥Taylor Swift♥ is still my fashion icon) and writing (Catherine Fisher and Suzanne Collins are AMAZING, I have to tell you).

In this family, we have a sort of ‘Biblican understanding’ – the females don’t have jobs outside of the home. I totally agree with it. But it’s very frustrating to be OLD enough to earn money, and have tons of things you want to be able to earn money FOR, and have no way of earning any. Of course all my needs – and more often than not, a lot of wants – are taken care of, it’s always nice to have money for decorating and random things, etc. (and books. Did I mention books? Books and music. And clothing – don’t panic, I have plenty of it – but you know what I mean!)

And now that I’ve complained and you’re wondering why on earth you’re reading this post, let me say how much I am looking forward to Monday! Make Believe week starts then! Woohoo! I can’t wait to immerse myself in Neverland for seven whole days!!

We’ve been going through 1 Kings as a family in the mornings. I like Kings, Chronicles, and Samuel 1&2 a lot – they read more like a normal book than most of the Bible. *stops to listen to ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ by Michael Buble* (random mood? Yes. This morning I woke up short-tempered, which was bad because I had to babysit a bunch of little kids with my sister and being short with 1-6 year olds is NOT the best, then I was frazzled, now I’m ‘Going Doug’ – if you haven’t seen UP you won’t get that). Anyway, back to the Bible – I found David’s death pretty funny. Don’t get me wrong, but isn’t it rather humorous to tell your son on your death bed “Be a strong, Godly man, son, make me proud! Oh, and while I”m thinking about it, there were a few guys who were rude to me that I’d like you to kill” – and then he dies. I don’t think Solomon found it all that funny, but yeah… we also can’t stop talking about the phrase ‘gat no heat’ (I’m not explaining it to you, you’ll have to quit being lazy, get up from the computer and get your Bibles out to 1 Kings – and no looking it up on a Bible website!!) ‘Bible Talk’ has its pros and cons, the pros being you tend to take it more seriously than if it began with ‘In, like, the beginning, God made everything’ but at other times, it’s funny because we don’t talk in ‘thees, thous, and hithertos and wheretofores’ anymore (unless you’re a lawyer, in which case you’re not normal anyway.)

A few days ago my Mom and Dad took me, Saerwen, my brother, and his girlfriend Taylor out to Medieval Times in Atlanta! It was SO much fun!! I had forgotten a lot about it – the last time I saw it was when we lived in Florida and I was only eight years old – but the storyline was better this time. And the princess Lenore still couldn’t act. And the cute guy was still the villain. But at least it wasn’t the chancellor, who we all liked and who still got the beautiful Fresian to ride. And our knight, the Red Knight, was definitely the best. He would catch your eye and give this huge grin – you could tell he was really enjoying himself, although I think he was new because when he first rode out the Yellow and Red knight had to subtly tell him where he was supposed to go. But after that he was splendid – when the princess gave him a Favor to give to a fair maiden, he gave it to a little girl, which I thought was so cool of him! And every course of the dinner was AMAZING – tomato soup, half a chicken (I felt like Olivia deHavilland in the role of Maid Marian, so I just ate like her – very delicately, with fingertips and everything. Too bad I wasn’t in Sherwood, but isn’t that almost just as good?) , a rib, an herb-baked potato, a delicious flaky apple pastry, and wonderful coffee. WOW!  We went into the dungeon, but Mom and I left after a few yards. There was Psycho-y music playing, and all the torture things – it just felt evil. So we left. But the whole night was a blast!!

This morning was interesting – although my favorite part is usually watching the little boys turn Toy Town into a downscaled model of Jurassic Park, complete with gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex stomping on Thomas the Train. “Just follow the screams!”

I don’t actually like babysitting – unless they’re a relative (such as my nephew or neices), kids and I don’t get along too well. But today went smoother because my sister Maralie worked out a sort of schedule for us while we babysat – books and snacks do wonders for kids.

And wow, this is a long post… but I’ll keep your attention for a while because I’m not done yet. A few nights ago we watched Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, which I’d been looking forward to watching for literally years. But you know what? In spite of having Kevin Costner in it, I was pretty disappointed. The Sheriff was hilarious. Scummy, but hilarious. We fast-forwarded through all the parts with the witch but one, with a family-famous line where the sheriff comes storming into her lair stabbing everything in sight with a knife and she just looks on and finally says “…something vexes thee?” in this droll voice that was hilarious. And then we fast-forwarded… again. Ah well. I really liked Will Scarlet in the movie, though – Mom doesn’t (says he’s a brat) but you pity him, and it gives him a 3D character that Little John, Hazeem, and Marian lacked. So once again, he was my favorite character. I think BBC Robin Hood spoiled us, though – Dad, Mom and I, who were the only ones who watched RHPOT, were like “Oh, yeah, BBC’s WAAAY better.” I am SO glad I discovered those… *kisses Blogger*

Alice in Wonderland came out yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see it!! I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, and Alice in Wonderland with a gothic twist!? I can’t wait!! We’re watching it this weekend. I also read a book called Primal by Mark Batterson – OH my GOOODNESS!! If you want a wake-up call to Christianity, that’s the book to read. WOW! I can’t wait to read his other books!!  It really makes you use the old bean, wot wot?

And, something you DON’T know – starting July, we’re MOVING!! It’s only like half a mile away, but the house is in the process of being built and I get my OWN ROOM ONCE MORE!! YEE-HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to decorate it!! And the view out my window looks out on the gorgeous hills and mountains!! They’re misty a lot, so it will be SUPERB for my imagination!!! (Now all I have to do is buy a laptop and set it up on my desk so I can write while looking out at the misty mountains… hills, whatever. *sighs* With coffee.) Speaking of coffee, I”m going to go grab some, so don’t go anywhere, because I’m not through with you yet.

I’m back – good coffee. Anyway, both my pairs of earphones gave up the ghost this week, so I’m music-less. AAAUUUGGGHH!!!!!!! It’s torture. But a good pair of earphones costs like $20 – Dad and I went to the store and perused them. So I”m going to be music-less for a looong time. What’s sad though, is that Vaisey, my good friend of 2 and a half years, is dying. Yes. My MP3 is slowing down. (And in case you’re wondering, I named him Vaisey because it’s black. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.)

I have decided that I really like the genre Steampunk. According to Dictionary.com, Steampunk is a genre of science fiction set in Victorian times when steam was the main source of machine power; also written steam-punk. (Although nowadays Steampunk can take lots of old-fashioned eras combined with machine power, instead of just Victorian, although Victorian is the coolest). So far, all Steampunk I’ve read is Incarceron and Leviathan – but I’m going to read Sapphique and Skybreaker soon, both of which are Steampunk, too.

A new genre! Yay! Well, I’d better go, I only have 4 more minutes on the computer for today, anyway.




5 thoughts on “‘ello’ello’ello!! or, incomprehensive ramblings of a girl gone Doug, in which I -SQUIRREL!!

  1. YOU’RE BACK! 😀 I thought maybe you were sick again.

    MEDIEVAL TIMES??? WITHOUT ME??? NOT EVEN FAIR! Oh well…I forgive you. Maybe. 😉 I *so* want to go to a MT…Eventually I will. Hopefully.

    Off to continue sewing and reading Shakespeare…then to write! (Not at the same time, of course!) Ah…bliss. 🙂


  2. Oooo, Skybreaker was good! There are actually three in the series, and I liked them all, but I think skybreaker was the best. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Mirriam, you know good and well you could make money by getting a job of your own, but not outside the house! Silly girl! 🙂 Nathan’s making 25$ a WEEK by mowing lawns, and I’m going to be making a large sum selling farm fresh eggs! You really ought to look into some things you could do at home, friend. I’m not kidding. Hone in on some of your skills, be creative, and find ways to make money, and help your family!

    There. That’s my advice for the day. 🙂


  4. Whoa! Congratulations on moving!

    Omigoodness, have you heard the song Pieces by Sum 41? It is sooo perfect for Will Scarlett!!! I agree, for me it’s the BBC all the way:)

    Haha! LOVE the picture you started out with!

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