Of burning fingers and flaming dragons

Well, as you have guessed, fire is the main subject of this post.

Number one, flaming dragons – we went to see How to Train Your Dragon earlier today…

…It was THE CUTEST ANIMATED MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Think Eragon mixed with Beowulf and add a LOT of humor and adorable animation and you have it! (Rather ironic we watched something norse, as last night I watched The 13th Warrior! I do NOT get how *cough* some females *cough* think Antonio Banderas attractive. I honestly cannot fathom it.) On the way out of the mall we stopped at Christopher & Banks and my dad bought me the PRETTIEST skirt!! I must post a picture of it soon.

Anyway, as for the burning fingers – which, perhaps I should have mentioned first – (come on, Jane Austen fans, you can get that one…) is I was making a cup of tea. With a tea kettle. Harmless, right? My protesting fingers tell me otherwise as I burned two of them when the tea kettle slipped and crashed onto my cup of tea… I had to catch it to keep it from hitting the wood floor and voila! You have two burned fingers that make it excruciating (almost) to type. But I’d type if my fingers were covered in stinging nettles, so it doesn’t matter much.


pain… lots of pain…

 That was one of my favorite mugs, too… oh, well. I’m glad you all liked the excerpt *cheers* I would be nowhere without my BF!


3 thoughts on “Of burning fingers and flaming dragons

  1. I’ve heard really good things about that movie! I’m getting it when it comes out on dvd.
    Sorry about your fingers! Hope they feel better soon:). Burns are just no fun.

  2. Yes, How To Train Your Dragon was SOOOO good! I loved it. And the guys we went with–both teens–loved it too. 😀 So did my little sisters.

    Ouch, sorry about your fingers! Hope it heals quickly…did you put some aloe vera on it? That’ll at least ease the pain…


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