Let it begin! Let it begin!!!

My friend Melian (who happens to be a Vala, by the way) is having a BLOGGER PARTY!!!!!! Cool prizes indeed await you – head on over HERE to read all about it!!


One thought on “Let it begin! Let it begin!!!

  1. Haha!!! I totally messes up on the URL to my blog… I realized that yesterday when I read over the Silmarillion. Melian is a Maia… But close enough, right? 😀

    Thanks for posting about it!! You can still enter to win the other two prizes, if you want. 🙂

    My Daddy said that he is willing to sponser with a few little things, so when I figure out just what I want, I’ll be updating the prize list. 🙂

    Got to get you that template still!! Augh!! I keep forgetting. HSB is now like WordPress, so do you want to do a header, link, and signature if somebody from there wins?

    Love & Hugs–

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