Make Believe: a Peter Pan blog event!!

Ever since I was eight and read Peter Pan, I have been a huge fan. I’ve seen two musical Peter Pans so old that petite women still played Peter, the (of course) animated Disney cartoon, the Robin Williams movie Hook, (Bangarang!!) and my personal favorite, the 2003 version. 

 This absolutely MAGICAL event is being hosted by Wickfield! Click on the picture to go to her blog and read all about it! I’ll post the rules here as well, but I want you to be able to check out her awesome blog!!

Rules: (Copied directly from Wickfield’s blog)

So what’s that love letter all about, anyway? Well, as the title implies, I want bloggers (and LiveJournalists!) from all around the world to celebrate the fun and magic of Peter Pan in Wickfield’s first blog event, Make Believe! Along with having a link pool of Pan-related blog and LJ posts, I also plan on posting some reviews, illustrations, and musings of my own, and I also hope to do a group read-along of the original novel as well as a giveaway!

The event will run for the week (Sunday through Monday) of June 7-13, 2010, so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare your posts. There are four categories to post in, below:

Peter Pan-related blog post – have a few things to say about the original book, play, or just the idea of eternal youth? Have you written a review (or rant!) about Peter Pan, its adaptations, or any of the myriad spin-off works? Or have you been lucky enough to see or participate in a production of the play? Your post would go in this category!

Neverland style – Do you have a fashion sense to rival Tinker Bell’s? Could you blend in with the Lost Boys, tromp around with pirates, or make a lovely outfit from an old nightgown? Or would you just like to talk about the costumes from the movies? This is the category for you!

My Own Neverland photoshoot – maybe you live in your own little corner of Neverland – grab a camera and take a photoshoot of you in your dream place, whether its a woodsy forest, a stretch of beach, or just a day having fun and being a kid again.

Dreaming of Peter Pan – Well you may not be J.M. Barrie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue the adventures of Peter and the rest! Now’s your time to use that imagination to draw your vision of Neverland, its inhabitants, and the Darling children. This is also the category to enter if you have crafted Pan-inspired projects, or if you have penned your own tale.

After the event closes on the 13th, I (and a panel of volunteer judges I have yet to find) will select the best entries from each category, and readers can vote on their favorite posts – the winner in each category will receive a banner and will have their links listed in the sidebar. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Make Believe: a Peter Pan blog event!!

  1. Thank you for telling us! I love the book Peter Pan. Ever since I was little, that was my favorite book (and I still have dreams that I can fly). I own the version with the wonderful paintings by Scott Gustafson.

    I also love the movie “Hook,” but… I strongly dislike the 2003 Peter Pan movie. Blech! *gag* They changed the spirit of the original book! I don’t know how they managed to do it… they even kept some of the lines exactly the same, but the FEEL of it is all wrong. (Great music, though!)

    Sorry. I’ll stop ranting. 🙂 The event looks so cool!

  2. Hi Earwen – thanks for promoting my event! I do hope you’ll get a chance to participate. 🙂 (BTW, I recently discovered Hook and love it too!)

  3. Omigoodness!! This sounds sooo cool! I didn’t know you were a Peter Pan fan too, Earwen! I LOVE the 2003 version of the movie. It’s one of my favorites, lol:). I am already thinking of what I want to do for this… some sketches, perhaps… 😀

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