Daniel – a royal role-model

For family Bible Study, we’ve started reading the book of Daniel. Just in the first chapter, you can see how amazing Daniel was. He was nobility, raised in a godly Jewish family, had integrity and character built into him from the time he was born, and was no older than you and me. He was probably around 15 years old when he was taken from his family and his country and taken to a pagan country to serve a pagan king. 

My Bible is the New Defender’s Study Bible (KJV) with commentary by Henry M. Morris. I was reading the commentary on Daniel Chapter one, and it had some very interesting notations I just thought I’d share with you. Did you know that the name Daniel meant “God is my judge,” Hananiah meant “The Lord’s Beloved,” Mishael is “Who is as God?” and Azariah is “The Lord is my help.”  But the prince of the eunuchs, Melzar, re-named them Belteshazzar, which means “Favored by Bel” (Bel was a word meaning ‘master’ or ‘lord,’ many Babylonian gods were called ‘Bel’), Shadrac (“Illuminated by Rak,” the sun god), Meshach (“Belonging to Shak,” the wine goddess), and Abednego (“Servant of Lucifer). Can you imagine??? 

My mom pointed something out while we were reading. She said that the book of Daniel probably wouldn’t have ended up in the Bible if Daniel had been a bratty archetypal prince. He was humble, obedient, and his faith in God was AMAZINGLY strong.  I’d like to think that if I was ripped away from my family and thrown into a pagan situation that I would remain strong in the Lord. I think I would. But I do not think I would do it as well as Daniel. Daniel didn’t even WAVER! He was the perfect teenage role model. 

Really amazing guy – I can’t wait to read more!




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