Six flags on Homeschool day!

 <– Me and the Ninja Guardian!! (Guardians of the NINJA rollercoaster!!) I took this one for you, Hannah T!

 <– THAT is the NINJA!!!! It went upside down a TON of times – and banged my head quite well.

  <– a random view of Six Flags…

 <– another random view… a pretty tunnel with a glimpse of the rollercoaster GOLIATH up there.

  <– another GOLIATH view…

 <– hustle and bustle and.. er… happy people…

 <– some brave souls returning from riding the GOLIATH

 <– there you have a perfect view of the 20 story pinnacle of GOLIATH. This was minutes before I was on there, screaming my head off. I sat next to a guy a couple of years older than me, and as we started up the incline we had a conversation that went like this – Him: Say your prayers! Me: I’m a Christian! I’m set! Him: ME, TOO!! And then we both screamed because we were falling twenty stories – straight down. Fun times.

 <– Batman and… Batman. I got a hat that had a cool graphics design on it and a lightning bolt for the Justice League hero The Flash. I lost my first hat on the first roller coaster, the Scorcher!

 <— Gotham City, where we rode Batman: The Ride. That was my favorite coaster – weirdly enough, I ended up sitting next to a guy a couple of years younger than me who told me I had to put my hands up.

I tried.

I failed miserably.

But it was fun =) We did a few mini-coasters which were fun, but the best were by far the Max Thrill coasters –

The Scorcher

Batman: The Ride


The Ninja

And I think there was another one, but I can’t remember it…

Oh, yeah, and while we were standing in line we got treated to a dose of Miley Cyrus. If you want to get sick, watch one of her music videos. That poor, 17 year old professing Christian girl is definitely wrecking herself. Too much, too soon, equals a head that’s way too big. And we also got to see a Janet Jackson music video. Good for a laugh. Who decided to call that ‘dancing?’ Did you know that Michael Jackson tried to look just like his sister? (And succeeded, if I might add).

But anyway, there you have it! Our day was fun, I was dead tired when we got home but woke up after a shower. We watched Roman Holiday – ADORABLE!! New favorite – and then were GOING to watch 13th Warrior but the VHS player broke… ah well. It was on its last legs.

Have a great Saturday,



7 thoughts on “Six flags on Homeschool day!

  1. Looks like you had a great day! 😀
    I’ve actually never been on a roller coaster…I think I’d like it though…


    • I’ve only ever been to one amusement park, and that was nearly 7 years ago! 😀 And the only roller coasters they had either went in loops or through a dark building. ^_^ And I was only 9…so I didn’t do it. 😛 My dad went on the one in the dark and said he was glad I didn’t b/c it was kinda freaky…


  2. Looks like you had an awesome time!!! I LOVE daredevil rides and roller coasters!

    Isn’t Roman Holiday the best?!?!

    Love you!
    Your friend,

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