Of Six flags, UK vs. US, nerds, and parodies…

Well, I made a record. Four books in four days. WOOHOO!! And I started another today – Song of Albion Book 1: Paradise War. It’s REALLY REALLY REALLY good so far (that of course, being my opinion after three chapters ^_^).  Tomorrow we’re going to Six Flags over Georgia!! I can’t wait!! Also, I am now at 20,300 words in The Shadows Lengthen, and am 40 pages into it. (Not double spaced!!) I am so excited *happy sigh* Also, take a look at this. I think the UK ( Right) covers are SO much cooler than the US covers (left), although I LOVE the US covers, which must mean I REALLY love the UK covers! …and if you understood that, you ought to have a prize. Here you go –


FINE PRINT: Free with your three-year subscription to Useless Mag Magazine!

Anyway, here are the covers ^_^ (Scarlet is my favorite. *squeals* I’m writing a Robin Hood book for NaNo this year, Lord willing…. and THAT is my inspiration!




See? SEE??  England – WAY cooler.

Also, I was chatting with demi-friend Arphax Inaemon (for paranoi-er, security reasons, I shall not mention his real name here) and he informed he that he speaks Rihannsu. (Romulan – but don’t call it that. He insists that Romulans call themselves Rihannsu – he even paid me a compliment one time and said I had Rihannsu eyebrows… o_~) And then, he informed me that a guy HE’s friends with and who I know about because he’s friends with my friend Hannah (unravel that in your idle time) speaks KLINGON. So. I am NOT the only nerd out there. *scans crowd* Am I? Show of hands? Okay, ask all your friends if they’re nerds.

This shouldn’t take long.

Now, I was listening to Weird’ Al’s parody song White n’ Nerdy, and here are the similarities between me and the nerdy guy – I drink tea, I wear braces, I order all of my sandwiches with mayonnaise, my fingers move so fast I set the place ablaze (typing), I’ll ace any trivia quiz you bring on, I speak a nerd language (not Klingon, though. That’s the ultimate nerd. Sorry, Sir_F! I speak elvish), I do HTML code, I would SO spend my weekends at a rennaisance fair, I’m a Trekkie, and I got a kick out of popping bubble wrap a few years ago… (don’t tell anyone about the stash I have under my bed! POP POP! Hope no one sees me/ Gettin’  freaky!)

Okay, so now that you’re ready for the psychiatric ward, a parody song on Hot Air Balloon by Owl City! I call my version, “Round White Padded Room” © Ëarwen 2010

Please don’t let me intrude
But get me out of this jail,
I liked to raise newts,
And always wore chain mail,

And with a mean high from caffeine,                                                                                                                                                                     And do-dare-or-die, We said okay and left today, convinced we could fly

We tore a race track, Through a den full of bears,
And fought the Martians back, told ’em they’d best say their prayers,

I lit a match, then let it catch
And burnt up the broom
And then you yelled as we beheld
An old baboon, round white padded room…

I’ll be out of my mind
And you’ll be out of ideas
Pretty soon
So let’s take up residence in a round, white padded room –
Get your straightjacket untied, then frown and bang your head against the wall, I can’t wait
to bounce around whenever I touch back down

Whenever I touch back down

Na na na na naaaa Na na na na Na na na naaaaa…..

We made the Great Escape like Virgil and Bob, then charged a live steak,
And needed some aid

So gored to death I took a breath And I then I was gone,
You made my headstone upside-down, And now my birthdate is gone

I’ll be out of my mind
And you’ll be out of ideas
Pretty soon
So let’s take up residence in a round, white padded room Get your straightjacket untied,
then frown and bang your head against the wall
I can’t now,
Because I’m six feet underneath the ground

I’ll be out of my mind
And you’ll be out of ideas
Pretty soon
So go spend The afternoon in a round, white padded room, Get your straightjacket untied, 
Then bang your head real hard against the wall
I can’t wait
To dig my way from underneath the ground Cuz I’m not dead I just passed out!


4 thoughts on “Of Six flags, UK vs. US, nerds, and parodies…

  1. That is SO unfair that the UK gets the cooler covers! I check out library and they have those books! Can’t wait to read them. They sound so cool from the reviews you did one them! =)

    Have fun at six flags!!!!!


  2. Haha so we have the UK covers at the Barnes N Noble here I think…so I totally want to read those books. ^.^ But anyway…

  3. Hope you have a great time a Six Flags! 😀

    That parody was funny. 😉 Was it autobiographical? (Just kidding!)

    And now I guess I’ll have to see if our library has those Robin Hood books…they look interesting! (And the British covers are awesome!)

    Can’t wait to read your NaNo for this year! 😀


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